S.Coups [2]

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Requested by: @St8ouTTa808

Here's the part 2, sorry if this is not what you wanted it to be but hope you still like it! :)

Auulelei's POV


He offered his hand.


"Uhh, I'm sorry again." he scratched his neck.

I smiled brightly at him, "As I said a while ago, it's alright. I'll be heading now. See ya around." I bowed and waved before walking the opposite way. He nodded and did the same thing.

Damn, he's hot.

But I don't freaking know him. It's my first time to see him and I just got starstruck. But he looks familiar, I think I saw him somewhere. Ugh, I don't know.

Oh yeah, I'm a fashion designer for Gucci and also the co-ceo of the company which is pretty amazing. Without everyone whom I love, I probably wouldn't be here. They're the reasons why I keep striving because I almost give up on life.

That really is deep.

Anyways, lets think positive right now!

I was walking down the hallway to my seat towards the main stage where there are a lot of people have found their seats already. Suddenly, I was pulled in a dark room, which I realize it was a janitor's room.

"Hey! Why am I here? Who are you?"

I heard a familiar laugh from somewhere but I just couldn't see the face cause there is only one light that is lit far from where I am standing. After a while, a familiar face was revealed under the dimmed light.

I was shocked to see her, not only because I know her but why did she pulled me here?


She smiled and nodded. "Yes, you guess that right."

I blinked and took a deep breath before fixing my attire. I glared at her. "What do you want? Why did you pulled me here?"

"Ohh, you don't know what you did earlier?"

I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion, "No?"

"Don't act like you don't know." she snickered.

"I swear, I don't fucking know."

She sighed and rolled her eyes. She walked near me before staring down at my soul, giving me chills. "I saw you with Seungcheol. You were having the best time of your life back there."

I was still confused until realization hit me. "Ohh, that guy? Why? He just helped me because he accidentally bumped to me and I fell on the ground."

Nayeon sassily looked at me like a bitch, "Whatever. I want to tell you that he's mine. And Only. Mine."

I laughed really hard, causing her to look at me weirdly. "Oh girl, why would I like him? Geez. You gotta need to chill your ass right now. Cause you forgot something."

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