Chapter 2: The Wedding

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Alex's P.O.V.

        "I don't know... Maybe I"ll just stay here. Turn in early." I said to Dad from my room. He was standing outside of my door like he had been for the last twenty minutes trying to talk me into going into the wedding. I looked at myself in the mirror again. The purple dress Tonks picked out was nice.. but I don't do dresses...

        "Alex.. This will be good for you. For all of us. We all need a little distraction." He said for the fiftieth time.

        "Distractions lose wars." I heard him sigh.

        "You're seventeen Alex. For one night you get the chance to act like it."

        "Alright Dad.. but for you."

        "Do it for yourself Chipmunk." There he goes again with that nickname. I don't even know where that came from, but all summer I've heard it. Adjusting the dress one more time, I slipped on my heels and walked out slowly. My hair was in curls and they bounced down my back slightly as I walked.

        "Alex, you look beautiful dear." He said. I could hear the smile in his voice.

        "Thanks.. The last time I wore a dress I was..." The words caught in my throat. I had began speaking before I even thought about it. Dad apparently knew what was coming. He pulled me into a tight hug.  

        "You know if you got back to Hogwarts you'll have to see him a lot.."

        "Dad I don't want to have this argument with you tonight." He's been trying to talk me out of going back to school all summer. I have a mission though.

        "Alright... Tonks is almost ready. But.. She'll be a bit. I was hoping.. Since we had time.. I haven't heard you play your guitar all summer... Would you?"


        "Please?" I sighed and looked down.

        "Fine." We walked into my room and I sat on my bed as I grabbed my guitar. Dad sat in my desk chair and waited patiently. I looked down at the floor and sighed. "I can't.. I"m sorry I can't." I sat my guitar down and walked out the living room. As I was walking out I saw Dad put his head in his hands. I wasn't trying to hurt him.. I just couldn't.. I sat on the couch and waited for him and Tonks. I knew I was disappointing him... I couldn't help it though. I could dress up and look happy all I wanted but it wasn't true.I can put on a facade for anyone, but Dad has always asked me not to. So I haven't. The point was the facade was not who I was no matter who wanted to believe it.

        Soon enough Tonks came out of her room wearing a stunning dress. She looked beautiful. I wished I was a metamorphigus. I imagine it comes with a lot of perks.


        The wedding was truly wonderful. It was.. the nicest thing any of us had seen in a while. It was like a reminder of what Grandfather always said. Turn on the Light, Bil and Fluer seemed to be doing that. Good for them. I sat at a table alone near the back of the tent watching everyone dance and carry on. The funniest thing to watch was Arthur and Molly tearing up the dance floor together. They were so in love and had been for so long... I envied them. It must be nice... To love someone who legitamately loves you back... To spend your lives with them.. Must be wonderful... I needed air.. I walked from the tent and outside to a tree a little ways from the tent. Wand in hand of course. Always needed to be ready. I sat next to the Oak tree and looked up at the stars. So beautiful. It was a clear night. Suddenly I saw a little orb shoot across the sky. I thought for a moment it was a shooting star until it got closer.. And closer.. It was going to hit the tent! I jumped up but before I could run two strongs arms wrapped around me and pulled me back down. I went to scream but found a hand covering my mouth. I couldn't move, I couldn't scream, I couldn't use my wand, I was dead. For a moment I thought I may cry, but then I realized I've been ready for this longer than I thought. I just.. Relaxed and waited. But the spell never came... The pain never hit. When I opened my eyes I could still see the arms wrapped tightly around me but we were only sitting there. At this moment I decided to take a big risk. Didn't really matter now anyway did it? I was probably going to die anyway. I looked over my shoulder to see who my capture was and at that moment everything changed. I began to thrash and kick and bite the hand over my mouth. I heard a growl of pain when I bit into the tender flesh of his hand but yet he didn't not move.

        "Alex stop it!" Severus said in a harsh whisper. I screamed against his hand and continued to struggle. I managed to throw an elbow and hit Severus in the abdomen. He fell back a little and his grip lossened. I took that opportunity and broke from his arms only to have him jump on me and pin me to the ground. Severus looked down at me as I looked up at him with pure rage and hatred. "Stop it!" He hissd again. "I am trying to protect you." I felt my blood boil even more at those words.

        "And why the hell would you do something like that?!" I hissed back. Severus's strong little mask faltered for a minute and I saw the raw emotion in his eyes. The pain.. But it was gone as soon as it appeared.

         "Because I love you Alex."

        "Dont. Lie. To. Me." I growled.

        "I'm not. I've never lied to you."


        "I haven't!"

        "Severus there is something you need to know right now. I will be the one to kill you. I don't know how long it will take, but I will." With that I kneed him in the crotch and he fell over. I jumped from the ground and ran as fast as I could back to the tent. It was on fire. Curses were flying everywhere. My wand?! Where was it?!

        "Alex!" I looked back to see a slightly hunched over Severus calling my name. He raised his hand and threw my wand. It landed on the ground just in front of me and I grabbed it quickly and ran toward the tent at full speed. Then, for the second time tonight, I was grabbed. This time the second the persons hands got on me they apparated. When I looked up, I was at home. Dad was standing in front of me with Tonks on the couch. We looked around at one another and let out a small breath of relief. Dad suddenly wrapped me up in his arms like i would disappear and I hugged him back hard.

        "I though I lost you." He said quietly.

        "No.. No I'm here Dad. I'm here."

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