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Let me tell you.

He's a man who is skilled in manipulating women.

He's a man who has a major in seduction.

He's a man who takes advantage.

He's a man who will never care after the pleasure he gets from you.

He's a man who restrains himself from kissing you.

He's a man who curse romance.

His way of getting you goes like this:

Compliment which will lead eventually to flirting. Flirting which will lead eventually to simple physical contacts. Simple physical contacts which will lead eventually you and him in one bed or wherever he wants.

His character in bed defines his true color.

To sum it all.. he's a player who only gets his satisfaction after losing a girl's virginity.

Not until he met her...


A/N: I hate my previous prologue cause it contained foul words. Sana kahit binago ko ang prologue you'll still continue to read this story.