apatnapu't dalawa

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soonie young 🐯
i know you're still mad at me and junhui
and i'm sorry for over reacting like that
i was just worried
and scared
that mingyu might do what minjae did to you

soonie young 🐯
but listen to me
please be careful when you get back to school tomorrow

soonie young 🐯
because minjae is back
and i'm so fucking worried for you
i don't even know if you're ready to see him
but please
be careful

soonie young 🐯
i don't know what he might do to you
now that he's back in seoul

junnie hui 🥰
please answer me and soonyoung's calls
we're sorry for what we said
we just wanted to look out for you
we shouldn't have said those things when you finally found someone you're happy with

junnie hui 🥰
but minjae is back and he wants to see you
please be careful
don't believe anything he says
we don't know why he's even back
or why he's looking for you

junnie hui 🥰
please wonwoo
be careful around minjae

hi wonwoo !
it's minjae
it's been a while, hasn't it ?

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