How This Will Work

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the  Undiscovered Wattpad Stars!

So I am going to try my best to explain how this is going to go.

But first I want to give a few shoutouts!

Thank you so much to:

Krisa_Silver for offering to make some stickers!

JohannekevanderSteen for all your amazing ideas on how to help fellow Wattpadders!

raeesahambarker for making the cover!

wattpawormss for offering to help promote Wattpadders on instagram!

This is where all undiscovered writers will get the recognition they deserve and to show Wattpad the amazing talent they are missing out on.

I am going to start off with nominating a few Wattpadders to be featured and interviewed. Those selected will then each nominate one person to be featured next and we will go on and on with a chain of love and support! ❤️

If anyone would like, they may DM me or comment something on their featured chapters, to show your support and appreciation towards the fellow writers and I will include it in their features.

To try and explain this better because I think I just confused myself:

The four writers I am nominating will have to nominate a person of their own. I will then give you all time to write something nice about the nominated person they choose and include it in their feature. It can be something about them, their writing, your favorite quote from their book. Just something to show they are loved and appreciated ❤️

I will be posting a chapter where all the amazing stickers have been made and you can each choose the one you like the most to place on your book (completely optional).

I would love to feature as many Wattpadders as possible. Please know the people you nominate do not have to be writers, you can also nominate readers as they too support the community ❤️

This is completely based on helping undiscovered writers get more recognition for the works, but also to showcase some amazing and kind people that do as much as they can to help others ❤️

I will also be scoping out everyone that has been tagged and I will also nominate a few Wattpadders myself ❤️

Since these individuals have been so helpful I would like to give everyone time to write something nice about them to include in their features if you would like.

Just comment next to their usernames in an inline (or DM me if you want to do it anonymously).

I also want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has been tagging their fellow Wattpadders. The amount of support in this community is truly inspiring ❤️

And for all their amazing help I feel it is only right that these amazingly helpful individuals get nominated. So if any of you would like to say something nice about the writer's or their works or post a favorite quote from their books, please comment in an inline comment next to their username and I will add it to their features! If you want your comments to be anonymous you can DM me :) So the first four nominations are:





I will be posting their interviews shortly and we will find out who they nominated to be featured next! And I might even be choosing a nomination of my own ;)

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