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Hello everyone!

Welcome to The Viper and The Vasser! I am incredibly excited to share this brand-new story with you, but I did just want to mention a few things before we begin. 

1) This is not a YA story. There will be talk of sex, violence, trauma, etc...however, there will be nothing gory and there will be no smut. I would suggest this book for 17+, but please, be your own judge, and do not come at me if you think something is not fitting for a certain age. I have left this warning. 

2) This book is not connected to As the Crow Flies or that world at all. It is a completely original story. I've built this world from scratch and I'm just pumped to share it with you guys!! 

3) There are a lot of queer characters in this story, including several bisexual ones. I will not tolerate any bisexual erasure, hate speech, etc... in the comments. If you are not supportive of LGBT+ folks, then leave now. 

4) In As the Crow Flies (my main book I have on Wattpad), there is always a lot of hate against the female characters. Most of the main characters in this book are female. I will not tolerate anyone calling them slurs or degrading them, simply because you think the men are "fluffy cinnamon rolls" and you hate the women for being developed characters. 

 No one in this story is a cinnamon roll...not even the Cinnamon Child. ;) 

5) I'm not looking for critiques or reviews at this time. Thanks!

Sorry for all that, but I just needed to say it and get it out of the way. I truly hope that you enjoy The Viper and The Vasser, as it is going to be a very wild ride. Get to ready to enter a land where night never ends, gardens are not what they seem, and twists and turns are the norm. 

Don't forget to vote and comment, as I love to hear your thoughts. Stay safe, be well, and have an amazing day. 



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