Arc 1: Shipwrecked- prologue theolia

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Maria was being told a bed time story about a zorua and a pangoro this story talked about trust and friendship and it was inspiration to the 8 year old girl, this really reflected and her relationship with others, Anathea her mother was proud of her  daughter and was hoping to see how she grows up.
Anathea left Maria in her room to go prepare dinner. The room was large but what else can you expect from a mansion.

"So bored....." Maria said as she left her bed and ran out, she was a girl of action and loved to run about.
Her mother was washing some yams as Maria approached her and hugged her legs
"Oh my, Maria since your up could you go get your father" Anathea ordered
"Ok mommy" Maria said and headed off.
She went to her father Indriad's lab, it was a creepy place with dead Rattata's and zubats in cages, even though her father was a strange man she still loved him.
"Daddy it's time for dinner!" Maria shouted
"Ah geez! I'll be there in a minute, gotta finish this project" Indriad answered, he was tinkering with a pink box Maria had no idea of.
Maria went ahead to report to her mother,
"That's good dear now go up to your room and get ready for dinner" Anathea said.
Maria humbly smiled and ran up to her room.

'Bang!' a loud noise came from the front door Maria ran down the stairs to check it out, however....
A cloaked figure stood before her
"Who are you?" Maria asked
"It doesn't matter, you should go back upstairs" the figure replied in a husky voice.
"But that noise" Maria insisted
"Look here kid if your certain you want to continue this fine. Go down to  your dad's lab, but don't ever forget what you'll see there...... never lose hope" the figure moved from Maria's way and Maria rushed off to her father's lab

Never lose hope.........

Maria passed by the front door, the door was knocked down with strange red liquid on the ground.
She went into the lab and went downstairs, there she witnessed something strange
Her father was wearing armor similar to that of a samurai's he was surrounded by strange maids she had never seen before.
"Let us begin"  Indriad said.
Maria saw her mother on the Altar Indriad was standing on, there was red liquid in her mouth and her eyes were closed, a strange symbol from under her began to glow purple,
{Ackuto phantos insidia!} Indriad spoke with a strange devilish tone in his Voice.
Anathea's body lifted off the ground and into the air, then in a purple flash of light her body disappeared.
Maria was speechless and scared at what had just happened.
"There you are little missy, time to go" a maid grabbed Maria from behind and took her to Indriad.
"Maria it will be okay" Indriad said to her
"What did you do to mommy?!" Maria asked out of frustration and grief.
"The same thing am about to do to you" Indriad said with a grin, Maria cried as she tried to break free from the maids but she couldn't, Indriad placed her on the Altar and as Anathea had disappeared in a purple flash Maria followed suit.

Maria opened her eyes to see herself in a castle.(what just happened) she thought to herself
"Marinette your father requests your presence"
Maria whole body shivered as the maid said that name in a grim tone.
(What's going on?,where am I? My name's not Marianette!) All these thoughts flooded her mind.

Finally she met her father Indriad
"Lord Vitus, Marinette has arrived" a maid said
"Father what's going on with you?!" Maria shouted.
"Oh Marianette, if only you knew" Indriad no....Vitus said with a grin tone...
Maria's life was going to take a turn for the worse at this moment.

In the Unova region
A dark skinned boy wearing a white long sleeved jacket a gray and pink under shirt and wore a black sweater as a scraf with black jeans carried a bag of luggage to a ship, this boy had a partly annoyed party excited face,
He was annoyed by the fact he didn't know the region he was moving to, and excited because he would finally start his Pokemon journey there!
"Ray come on board! the ship is leaving"  a woman wearing a white gown said he had short pink hair and a tired expression on her face.
"Coming Nancy! Hold your horses!" Ray exclaimed as he boarded the huge cruise liner.
The destination was the estranged region of Aevium, Ray had no idea how this trip would change his life for better and for worse.

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