Chapter 1

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Julia's P.O.V

Hey guys today we are going to RAW I'm so excited I haven't seen me dad in a long time due to the tour I miss him so muchI know that the girls have missed their dad to its all they talk about.

"Are we there yet?" Rena whined

"how much longer?" Nia also whined

"why is this place so far"Miranda


At times they can be really annoying like now but I love them. I checked my phone to see how much longer

"about three more hours"I told them

"ughhhhh"Nia,Rena and Miranda groaned

"Shut up already and deal with it" I said kinda angry I mean come on we travel alot dont u think but no

"So what song you guys wanna preform tonight? "I asked them to change the subject

"Raw. Real"Rena said

"No Too many faces"Nia said

"No Heart is a hole" Miranda says they continue to fight about it

"SHUT UP WE WILL PICK OUT OF A HAT DANG IT"I yelled like damn shut up already I wrote the names down and put them in a hat shook it around a little bit  and I picked out cause they would of started to fight again I pick out and the song we are preforming at RAW.

"What is it what song are we playing"

"We are playing Raw. Real."I said Rena was jumping in happiness mainly because she starts the song while the other two where pouting

"Oh stop pouting how many more hours left Rena?"I asked

"Abo-" she was about to finish but the bus driver cut her off "We have about 10 minutes left we are already here but I have to find the arena"  "Damn we have been arguing for that long?"

"Yes Nia that's how long you guys been arguing for the whole way" I sat down trying to think how are we going to sneak in I mean what happens if our parents see us that's not what we want we want to suprise them I guess we will go with the flow right. Go with the flow? who am i?

   -10 Minutes later -

Rena's P.O.V

We just got to the arena and I'm so excited to be here and preform I just wanna run to my dad's locker room but Julia said we should suprise them so I mean I guess. As soon as we walked inside we were greeted by Mr. McMahon

"Welcome girls it's great to have you here"

"Thank you Mr. McMahon its an honor to

be here "Julia said which is true we have never been here before you know cause of our tours so I was really happy just to be here.

"Well ladies let's finish this in my office"we all walked to his office to discuss some stuff.

Dean's P.O.V

I was in catering with Seth and Roman yea I know we broke up but were still good friends everyone looks at us like we are crazy but come on its a story line so.

"I miss my girls"Roman said out of nowhere "Don't we all Ro"Seth said

"True but I think they are still on tour so we can't call them" "this sucks man how

long till the show starts"

"Um now-" I was cut off by Seth running away Roman was laughing at Seth forgetting to put on his ring attire.

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