They wanted her niece to have the best out of life. Kate was a middle school teacher so every second that she gets to spend with her niece she is teaching her something. The Doctor said she was advanced for her age.

"We agreed to save that money for her college." Lindsay gave Kate a pointed look.

Kate looked at her sister then sighed. She cannot use force to take her sister away from a bad situation. The only thing she did was moved in with the unhappy couple. Thankfully it lessened her sister beatings as he did not touch her whilst she was around as he knew that Kate was no coward.

For the past three years after she finished her work at the local school Kate has been attending the community college to study self-defence. After her first class she tried to encourage her sister to come along. She only managed to go to one session but she got afraid of the sparring. Kate could only put it down to battered wife syndrome. Even if it was only pretend must of brought back memories that Lindsay would rather forget.

"We will keep the money saved for when we need it." As if on cue the electrics went out. The house was plunged into darkness. "God damn it." Kate cursed.

"You have to go and get Johnny." Came Lindsay soft reply.

"Yeah. I have to go and get Johnny." Kate said with defeat as he was an electrician the only person to fix the mechanical around here.

Kate made sure that She wrapped up warm before going out into the darkness. She had a good idea where he would be. Most of the men in the town tend to go the shady bar called 'Tic Tack' at the edge of town. The wind was blowing heavily so Kate pulled her jacket closer around her as she walked to the taxi rank that was located two streets away.

"Can I have a cab to Tic Tack please." Kate said through the intercom when she sat in the waiting room.

"Ten Minutes." Came the receptionist response. "Car would beep twice once he is outside. You would need to call on your cellar if you want a pick up from the bar."


It was a long run to the Dark moon pack that Beta Rogers suggested to Max that the men rest at the local bar that bordered the pack. Best way for them to gain Intel can be with the locals as well. Humans sometimes overlook what they might think was important and let them in on some details.

They stopped by a small clearing to change back into their human form and clothes.

"You three."  Beta Rogers pointed over to the three men at the left talking to each other. "You scout the area five miles for wolves. This will be our base camp."

"Matthew and You two men." Alpha Max called from beside Rogers. "You men set up camp and you all may enter the bar after your duties are done. Make sure two people is always on watch. I allow you men to be able to sort that out yourselves."

Beta Rogers grunted once he heard them start to argue about who was having first watch. This is looking to be a long night. They were almost a mile out from the bar so he and Max started walking towards the bar.

Rogers made out the bar in the distance. Some of lights appeared to be out on the sign. Many cars were parked outside the building most of them looked to be old battered trucks. He stopped in mid walk once he scented something in the air.

Alpha Max instantly became alert. Him and Rogers were In tune with each other. "What's the matter?" Both men started looking around the forest as if waiting for an ambush.

"Nothing." Rogers sniffed the air. "Just this smell."

Max gave his beta a strange look then headed off to the bar, looking for a woman to spend the night with. It's been too long since he had a body to relax with. He normally use to wait for the full moon when a lot of she wolf goes into heat and mates with them. He like the animistic side of him. He liked to let go and set his wolf free whilst mating. With these human females he was unable to do so. But they do offer a distraction and they do not know who he is or where he comes from. He can just be a john doe.

Rogers sniffed the area again. He left his best friend to walk off to the club. Something was calling him off in the distance. To the other side of the club. He closed his eyes and to concentrate on the smell. He needed to know where it came from.

"Johnny?" Kate called his name throughout the bar. It was dark inside almost seedy. She spotted him in the corner with his work clothes on kissing some random woman.

"Johnny." Kate called again walking up to him pulling on his arm.

"What?" He meanly turned towards her his hand rising as if to hit her.  "What do you want?"

Kate looked back to the girl who had her arm wrapped around Johnny's. "The electrics gone out."

"I sort it out when I get home." He glared at Kate till she stepped back then turned to the woman that was in his arms. "Now where were we beautiful."

Kate gave him a dirty look as she left the building. She would sort out the house herself. She can't believe that her sister would stay with a man like that. Kate walked out front to find that her cab has left. She mentally kicked herself for staying so long in the bar.

She took her cell out of her bra to place a call to the Taxi rank. The loud noise from the bar was overpowering the sound from the cell phone that Kate decided to walk around the back to place the call.

It wasn't long before Kate realised that she wondered off into the forest. The trees looked dark and ominous. Every snap of twig had Kate going on the defense. She kept spinning around in the circle trying to source the sound. She felt as if she was being watched. That something was after her. She took off screaming in the direction of the bar when she slammed into someone.

She bounced back almost falling to the floor but the strangers arms came around her body to pull her flush against his body. Tingles were felt across her body from his touch. Her hands came to rest on his bulging muscles as her eyes crept up his body to find his heavenly green eyes scorching into her soul.

The one word his spoke to her was seared into her mind forever.



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