Chapter one

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Chapter One

"This is a stealth mission." Alpha Max stated to the ten men that surrounded him in a circle. "We are going on to the Dark moon lands just to gather Intel."

"I can't wait to kick some ass." Matthew said loudly. He only just joined the Archangels from one of the southern packs a couple of months ago. After some intense training the Alpha has decided to let him out for his first mission.

Alpha Max eyes went straight too Matthew eyes. His wolf coming out in a snarl. "I said Intel. We are not going in for a fight young pup. You may be too young to remember the wars of old. When the Redwood pack was running around terrorizing the wolf world. Trust me when I tell you that you do not want it to get back to those days." Alpha Max nodded his head in his beta's direction. "Make sure you keep an eye on this young pup. He is all yours."

His beta walked over to Matthew to hit him on the back of his head. "Stay alive Pup."

"Aww..." Matthew blue eyes tinkled at him. "I did not know you cared Rogers."

Rogers snorted back, his green eyes glinting in the darkness. "Let's get going we got a long run ahead of us."

The men stripped in the forest. Each of them taking off their clothes with precision. They neatly folded it into a back pack then leaned it up against a tree with the hoops opened by a branch. Rogers came to stand beside Alpha Max, both men has been fighting with the Archangels for over twenty years now. Both of them Alpha's but both of them respected each other for their authority. They looked back at the men gathered. Most of the men there were from Alpha stock. Sons of Alpha's or soon to be Alpha. Strongest of the strong but they were waiting for the only Alpha here permission to shift.

It was not an easy task for them to suppress their wolves,  so they would be able to take command from another Alpha. Rogers grunted in Matthews's direction as he was clearly shaking but he managed to have his wolf under control.

Max was the first one to shift, within a second they all followed suit then they ran to the tree that held their bags. With military training they somersaulted into the tree stretching out their paws so they were able to put the bag packs on their backs. With a howl from their leader they headed off into the night. On their way to the Dark moon pack lands.

"I cannot take this anymore Kate!" Lindsay wailed at her sister. It was almost midnight on a Monday night and her husband was nowhere in sight. She knows he has been out drinking, whoring and betting all their hard earned money away. They been married for five years with one child you would have thought the man would know about responsibility but he doesn't.

Kate sighed as her sister rested her head on her shoulder. Brings the term to her head 'a shoulder to cry on'. Who would have thought that with her being the older sister she would be the one that is single and offering comfort to her battered little sister.

"You need to leave him if he is making you feel this way." Kate advised, she has been saying the same sentence for the past two years since her niece was born. John was a no good redneck who thinks the world owes him a big debt.

"If I leave him, where would we go to?" Lindsay leaned up to ask wiping her nose on her sleeve. "We have no family."

Kate gave a grimace. Her and sister moved to this country when they were babies. Originally their family were from England and they still have relatives there after their parents died in a car crash.

"It doesn't matter. We still have the inheritance money. Just point to a place on a map and we can leave tonight." Kate pointed over to the wall where there was a kid's world map on the wall.

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