chapter 7: Snowdin

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You're cold and can't see or hear anything. Is this what death feels like? You don't want to die yet, you need to protect Frisk. Suddenly you're floating above yourself in the ruins. You see where Toriel leaves you and Frisk. Then you guys leave the room and the first monster you come across is a Froggit. Frisk attacks it with her stick and it turns to dust. You try to stop her but she shoots a blast of magic at you and you hit the wall with a loud crunch. 
"(Y/N)....... wak…….p….. come on…… Kiddo!"
You sit up coughing and shivering. You're in a house on a comfortable green couch covered in blankets. You notice that your clothing have been changed. (To this outfit.)

Sans is next to you looking concerned with Kendra around his neck

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Sans is next to you looking concerned with Kendra around his neck. 
"Calm down kiddo, you're okay. You fell in the river and your sister came to get me. You were already to Snowdin. I brought you here and the kiddo got you changed out of the wet clothes you were in." You nod as your teeth still chatter, Sans takes off his hoodie and wraps it around your shoulders before he lays you back down and Kendra jumps on your chest. "Just take it easy for a while. The kid is doing my bros puzzles. Anything I can get you?" You think for a minute and pull out your phone and typed 'tea or anything warm' and showed it to Sans. "I think I can do that just give me a couple minutes." You nod and make yourself comfortable. Sans comes back a few minutes later with a big cup of steaming tea before holding it to your lips. "I'll hold it for you till you start to warm up."
You blush but hum slightly. You take a sip of the tea and sigh in content. It was delicious, after a little bit of repeating that you take the cup from him. You look at sans and smile, you look over Sans' features closer and he seemed anxious.
"Sans?" You say his name softly and he looks at you. "Thank you, I appreciate it. Why did you save me though? I mean… I am a mage…. we trapped you guys here….." Kendra meows sadly and lightly headbutts you in the chest as Sans gives a shocked look. 
"Why did I save you? Why wouldn't I save someone who's shown us so much care and kindness." You look down in shame. You could show them so much more kindness. Should you tell Sans you know how to break the barrier? He takes your now empty cup from you. "Get some rest, our siblings will be back before too long and you'll get jumped." You nod and settle properly before going back to sleep.

@Frisk POV@

Me and Papyrus were heading back to the house. Sis is there, she nearly drowned….
"HUMAN, RELAX. YOUR SISTER WILL BE FINE! SANS MAY BE LAZY BUT HE DOESN'T LET PEOPLE BE HURT." I knew that. Sans cared a lot about those he liked. From what I could tell he had taken a liking to sis. I nod to Papyrus. 
We get to the house and I run in. I look at sis and almost start to cry. She was still asleep. She was so cold when Sans had found her washed up on the riverbank…. she looks a little better though. I climb on the couch with her and cuddle up to her before fully closing my eyes.
"Easy kiddo, she just fell back to sleep." My eyes shoot open and look towards Sans as he came out of the kitchen. He wasn't wearing his hoodie. I pull at my shirt then point to him. "My hoodie? (Y/N) woke up and was chilled to the bone so I put it on her.
"Sorry bro. The kiddo seemed like she could use a laugh, so I was just trying to tickle her funny bone." I smile then get up, running over to Sans to hug him and start crying out of happiness. How could he do so much for me after all I've done? 
"Frisk?..." That's sis! I turn to see her smiling at me. "Everything will be fine. There's nothing that's been done that you can't make up for." She must know what I did in the past timeline. I nod. 
"Bro, let her rest for now. Battle her in a bit." I cuddle up to sis and we both fall asleep.

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