Chapter 5

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"I really don't want to go to a new school!" I whine. It's the first day of 6th grade, and I'm eating breakfast with my dad. I moved in with my dad over the summer and now I have to switch school for middle school. I already miss my life.

"You have no choice. I'm sorry!" He says. I give up. I've been nagging about this since I moved in and I know I can't go to River middle school so i don't continue.

I walked to school with one of my best friends Natasha. I've known Natasha since I was in 1st grade. We met one summer when I stayed with my dad; I was outside and walking around looking at flowers and she came up to me and asked if I wanted to play with her, from then on we've been best friends.

My first class was English and I didn't know anyone, but I met these two girls Kelly and Annie. We sat together for that class and exchanged schedules, we had PE next block together so we made a plan to walk with each other after class. At lunch we had to sit with our 3rd block, but Annie invited me to sit next to her and her friends tomorrow so I was excited. Finally when the day was over Natasha and I walked home.

"It wasn't that bad, I met two really nice girls! I don't like not knowing anyone though." I told my dad at dinner.

"I know but you'll make friends, it'll be alright."

The next week went by really fast and nothing really happened except I got invited to a sleepover at Annie's house on Friday. I was in shocked and overwhelmed with happiness. At the sleepover we watched movies, ate snacks, and just had fun! It was one of the best nights of this year so far; it was also the first time I forgot about my mom since I found out. Annie, Kat,and I have been hanging out all year and I'm really thankful I made some friends, but lately Natasha has been ignoring me and talking about me behind my back. "Natasha are we walking -"

"I'm not talking to you. You're a bitch!" She cuts me off. I can't believe my best friend just called me a bitch.

The next day I walked to school by myself and when i was in my first class my teacher got a call. Everyone started guessing who was the lucky one being pulled out. When the teacher hung out she called my name and everyone turned to stare at me as I walked to the front of the class. This is the worst feeling ever, Natasha has spread rumors about me and now most of my grade doesn't like me, so I knew people would talk about this after class. She said Ms. Morgan, the guidance councilor, needed me in her office.

When I got to Ms. Morgan's office her door was open but she wasn't in there. So I stood outside awkwardly and waited. "Hey Nikki! I'm so sorry I was in the house office picking something up. Come in and sit down." She said excitedly. I've always loved how happy she is everyday, it makes everything so much more fun. "So I've noticed lately that certain people aren't being nice to you. Do you want to tell me anything?"

Does she think I did something? "Umm idk this girl started saying things and people are talking about it." I say. I hope she doesn't know the things that have been said, although I don't think I'd mind if she knew because she's so nice.

"Can you write down some of the things you've heard?" She asks as she hands me notepad and a pen. I take the pen and notepad without and begin to write all the nasty things Natasha has said before I even realize what I'm doing. This is what my list says

-Nikki's a huge bitch
-She a slut
-Nikki likes every guy in this school! She's such a hoe.
-this girl is the worst thing that happened to this school
-the world would be a better place with Nikki

We sat in silence for 10 minutes while I wrote down everything I remember hearing. As she reads the list she makes notes with her pen, then puts it into her desk and thanks me. "Now Nikki I really wanted to ask you about your mom. Do you have her contact information because we don't have any on file?" She asks me while smiling. I don't want to ruin her smile, but I haven't talked to my mom in 5 months so I don't even k is where she is. "Umm Ms. Morgan I haven't talked to my mom in 5 months." I haven't told anyone about my mom, but Ms. Morgan seems like i person who could help so why not i guess, but her smile slowly fell and her face changed from happy to concerned.

"Oh..." Is all she said. I tell her the whole story all of it, crying almost 2 minutes into the story and not stopping until I finished. She tells me I can stay in her office for as long as I need to and she'll contact my teachers so I say thank you and grab one of the million pillows she has on the couch and just cry. The only thing I can think about now is how I just told someone what happened. I promised myself I would deal with it, everything was going perfectly fine, what happened? What changed my mind? I hope she doesn't tell anyone! When she comes back she has a cookie, a cup of water, and my stuff and tells me it'll be okay and that I can always trust her to keep my secrets. I know I'm safe. I really grown to liking this feeling!

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