Chapter 7

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The cutie Austin.

Zayden P.O.V

In the morning, I wake up to find my baby all cuddled into my chest, my arms around him. I had waited so long for this day to come. To being able to wake up next to my mate. I stare at him for what feels like hours. He just looked like an angel to me. Absolutely beautiful.

I peck his lips softly before I get out of the bed. I take a quick shower and head downstairs to make my little one some breakfast. I cook some eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes. Just as I was about to finish I hear a cute sleepy voice behind me.

"Z-Zayden?" I turn around to see him rubbing his eyes all cutely.

"Morning baby. Come here" he walks to me sleepy. I chuckle and bring him in arms and kiss him softly. I pick him up and set him on the counter

"Stay there while I finish" he nods and yawns like a little kitten. I smirk. I'll be calling him kitten.

I finish and put the food in plates. I set them on the table and grab him in my arms. I walk us over and sit him in my lap. I cuddle him into me and start feeding him.

"Zayden you don't have to feed me" he says blushing a deep red

"I know but it's just to cute." I say chucking.

We soon finish eating. He gets up and starts picking up all the plates "Baby you don't have to do that. I got it" .

"No! I'll do it. You cooked for me and let me stay in your home. It's the least I can do" he says and starts washing the dishes .

"Little one, this is your home too. Plus I cooked for you cause I wanted to have my precious little baby happy" I smile and wrap my arms around his waist.

When he finishes, I pick him up and take us up to our room. I set him down and lay next to him. He snuggles into me.

"Zayden? Can I really have your babies?" He asks out of no where.

I look down at him surprise but nod "well yes kitten but that's only if you want to. "

"So I can get pregnant by any man?" I growl loudly and hold him close to me.

"No you can't! Mine! Mine only baby. You will not carry another man's baby in you! Only my pups will grow in you" I say possessively

He giggles and kisses my cheek softly.
"It was only a question baby. I wouldn't want any other man's baby growing in me"

I relax and kiss his forehead. "Good because I'll rip his head off"
We cuddle and talk for hours and hours. "I think I need to take you home." I say in a sad tone.

"Well... Zayden? Are we going to be together forever?" He asks quietly

"Oh but of course little one. Forever and always" I promise him

"How would you like for me to introduce you to my family?" He says nervously.

"What? Really baby? I'd love to meet them! But are you sure about that?" I say looking at him.

"Yes! I want to be able to be with you with there permission."

"I'd love to have their blessing to have you as mine."

"Well then I'll tell them and maybe you can meet them tomorrow at dinner" he says quite excited.

I honestly am so sorry! School is just so stressing for me right now! I feel so bad promising I'll update sooner! I'll stop promising but I'll most definitely will try to!



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