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"Did you know that I have hamsters in my house right now?" I said while tying my hair in a messy bun.

It's already summer as everyone is outside with their family and friends to go to the mall or to the beach. Summer is my favorite season cause there's no school AHA. Then, winter is my top 2 favorite. Anyways, I'm walking to the cafe with my best friend, whom I have a huge crush with. I don't know how to tell him because I'm scared he'll reject me.

It will hurt my feelings.

He choked on his water bottle and looked at me with his beautiful brown orbs, shining like a diamond. He wipe his mouth with his palm, "OMO, jinjja? I want to see it. You know I really love hamsters."

I chuckled at his silliness, "Of course I do, cause you are a hamster yourself. A cute hamster." I pinched his adorable cheeks.

Hoshi blushed and covered his face, feeling embarrassed.

"Ya! Why you hiding your face?"

He shake his head and fan his face, "I-I...nothing."

I rolled my eyes, playfully. "Whatever. You know what, I'll show you my hamsters once we get our coffees."

Hoshi nodded happily and dragged me towards the cafe in a hurry. He didn't give me a second to compose myself.

Oh my god, this tiger.

After two hours, we have arrive in my apartment. But before we entirely enter, I asked Hoshi to blindfold himself cause why not? I guided him towards my bedroom where there were two huge cages with three cute hamsters on each one of them.

There is a huge smile on my face while unfolding the handkerchief on the boy's eyes. There was glint showing on them which made me fall in love with him even deeper.

Damn, the feels.

I blinked out of my thoughts and saw Hoshi happily walked and looked at the six cute small animals. I grinned at my sight. There is no huge difference between the two.

Soonyoung, the human hamster, and the hamsters themselves.

I decided to leave him inside first and grab two bowls of the hamster's food because it's already their snack time. Good timing since Hoshi is here and probably he loves to feed them. I also grabbed our coffees, and snacks that we bought from a convenient store just near my building.

As I was walking back to my room, I heard a voice speaking. I quietly stood beside the door, trying not to be caught. I took a peak and saw Hoshi smiling and petting the little hamsters.

"I know you can't talk because you're animals but if you can, damn, I will be impressed." He said, laughing at what he just said. I chuckle at his silliness.

I shook my head with a smile, and was about to go in but I froze on my position when the words that came out of Hoshi's mouth really struck me.

"(Y/N), she is my beautiful best friend. I have always give my trust to her and am always thankful to have her in my life. She helped me through my bad times, encouraged me to be strong, and especially, taught me to know what really is my worth. And now, every time we hang out, I always feel butterflies on my stomach."

My eyes were widened and still on the process of putting every damn word on my mind. Wait, does it mean-

"I like her so much. I lover her so much. More than what we have right now. More than us being best friends." Hoshi smiled, putting his full focus on the pets in front of him, as if they are actually listening to him. "But the problem is...I don't know if she feels the same way."

With that, I marched inside and put everything that I'm holding on top of the desk and ran towards Hoshi.

"Omg (Y/N), you scared m-"

I pulled him in a tight hug and I felt his arms snaked around my waist, hugging me tightly too. We stayed in that position for a while before I pulled away and looked at his eyes.

The eyes that I have been adoring ever since I laid mines to them.

"What happened?"

I sighed, smiling from ear to ear, "I like you too. Ever since we know each other."

His eyes widened. "Did you heard everything I said?"

I nodded.

He blushed in crimson and shake his head. "Omo, you like me?"

"You heard me right Kwon Soonyoung."

He grinned, making his eyes in a 10:10 shape which I love so much. He turn his gaze towards the hamsters, "Yo, she likes me back."

I laughed really hard as Hoshi turned to look at me and laughed also. He pulle me in a bear hug this time and whispered to my ear, "I have waited for this moment."

"Me too. Actually, I'm also scared that you won't feel the same way towards me."

He caressed my head and kissed my head, "Well, we don't have to worry about that cause now we know that we feel the same way."

We pulled from each other. Hoshi cleared his throat and intertwined his hands with mine. His eyes staring at mines deeply.

"I know that this is not a good spot for me to ask you this but, can you be my beautiful girlfriend?"

I smiled and nodded my head. He smiled back and we once again hugged each other for the umpteenth time.

"You know, I found you talking to the hamsters, really amusing." I stated.

He pulled away and pouted. "Stop, you're embarrassing me."

"Why? It's hella cute." I chuckled while  pinching his face.

"No, you're cute."

I blushed. Without second thoughts, I pulled his face and give a sweet kiss on the lips. He kissed back making it deeper.

I have fallen in love with my best friend, over and over again.

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