Jack G. pov

It was a friday night and i had no plans. jack j was at a family party. Sammy went to cali with Nate . So I was in bed watching Katt Dallas's youtube videos. I was honestly obsesed over her, she was just perfect. i never really met her but , i hope cameron takes her to magcon one day. I always tweet her but she never responds back. I didnt just like her because of how famous she was by her youtube videos or beause she was a model. Its just, everytime i see her or even hear her voice she can always makes me smile. Like she just has that sparkle in her eye . I never admited this but maybe i do have feelings for her....

----------THE NEXT DAY BACK IN NEW YORK--------

Camerons POV

I woke up and was too lazy to go and get breakfast downstairs. So i went on my phone as i realized i

got an email from Bart , the creator or Magcon. It said

"Cam , i was watching your little sister's videos,Katt. And i was wondering if she would like to join magcon. If she is interested please have her contact me bartb@gmail.com also just wanted to let you know that the next magcon is on friday in New Jersey :) Hope to see you both there "

As soon as i red that i ran straight to Katts room.

"KATTT DUDE OH MY GOD GUESS WHAT" I said as i was trying to get her up from bed .

"WHATTTTT' she whined
I gave her my phone and she red the email that Bart has sent me. And her eyes widened .
"SO THATS A YES???!" I asked hoping she will say yes .
she nodded and looked really happy.
"Do you think mom will let me?" She said as her smile was kinda fading away. "Don't worry she will let you" I replied and her smiled came back (: I was really happy for her . "Well I'm going to get breakfast with nash and Hayes since their here for the weekend so we can go to magcon together. Do u want to come?" I asked her
"Nah it's cool I'm gonna reply back to Bart and plus I told Kelly we would go shopping later " she said as she was getting out of bed
"Ok , oh and nash and Hayes are staying here till we leave" I said and she nodded. I got ready and picked up nash and Hayes at the airport.

--------KATTS POV---------

Oh my god I still can't believe that I'm going to be at MAGCON!!! I made a group convo with all my clost friends , gisselle , lily , Luna, and kelly.


Me: Hey guyssss💕
Lily: Waz upp😚
Luna: ayee girlies😍
Gisselle: hiiii🌚
Kelly: helllloo👻
Me: well I have to tell you guys something :/
Lily: oh my god what is it
Luna: ^^ 😨
Gisselle: what happened ?!?
Kelly : I gtg tell me later 😘
Me: kk Kelly byeee😘
Gisselle: well what is it??!
Lily : yeahhh😌
Me: well I'm going to "magcon" and I'm leaving on Tuesday :,(
Lily: WTF😭😭
Gisselle: 😭😭😭NOO
Luna: katt I'm really proud of how far you have come😌😭😭 I'll miss u
Gisselle: same here 😔
Me: well I'll talk to you guys later :/

After the convo ended I went and emailed Bart . I wrote , " hey Bart! I got the email from cameron and I would love to join magcon! See you on Tuesday :)
I locked my phone and went to take a quick shower .
After I dried myself off I grabbed
A black floral jumper suit shorts
A black sleeveless crop top
And white vans.
I left my hair natural because I was too lazy to do it. I put mascara on and eyeliner . I texted Kelly
Me : Kelly I'm on the way be ready!
She replied "kk"
(Skip to the mall)

Katts pov

After we got bunch of clothes , makeups , etc. I forgot that I didn't tell Kelly yet. "Hey Kelly I need to tell you something "
"Well I'm going to be joining magcon"
"Oh I'm really happy for you :)"
She replied with a smile . I just smiled back.
----------- after mall--------
After I dropped Kelly off I went home to see a text from Cameron "hey sis we'll be home in a few we just went to the mall real quick to buy some sweatshirts"
I laughed a replied "haha ok"

After that I decided to go on Twitter and tweet
@KattDallas happy to say that I am officially joining magcon ☺️

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