My Mom's A Ninja?

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I swear if I was a cartoon character I would have steam shooting out my ears. How dare Hikaru call me ugly! No one ever called me ugly, and when I was back in New York every guy that saw me wanted to 'hit that'.


"Erin, please sis, stop pacing you're getting me dizzy just by looking at you."

Even though she asked me to stop, I just couldn't. The pacing was the only thing calming me down, and I needed to be or I'll end up in jail for murdering the closet person next to me. In that case I'll go insane, or try to commit suicide because I killed my best friend.

"How could he call me ugly? Of all the insults in the world he chooses ugly? Ugly!" I turned my head to face Page, she cringed under my glare.

"Erin, you're not ugly, and you know that. So, why now are you letting it get to you?" her voice was so warm and inviting, I was so close to my breaking point.

Why was I letting this get to me so much? I never had before so why now? I hadn't even notice when I let my self drop to my knees, yes I was finally breaking down, all those weeks of holding it in, I was finally gonna cry my heart out. At least I had my best friend here.

Page was instantly by my side, pulling me into her welcoming arms. Once I felt her do so hot tears began rolling down my cheeks like an avalanche.

I'm crying because someone called me ugly? How first grade is that?

It seemed like forever, me sitting here crying on Page, while she held me in her embrace. After a few minutes the tears stopped but I didn't dare try to break free of Page's arms.

"How are you feeling sis?" Page asked, worry stringing along her words.

"Better, much better."

"That's good," she pulled me up, so we were eye level with one another.

"You wanna get some ice cream, and watch an action movie?"

"Yes, that sounds great. Just give me a few to wash my face?" We both started to get up off the ground.

"Take as much time as you need."

I provided her with a smile reassuring her I was fine. She also let a smile dance along her lips, and with that known I made my way towards the bathroom, locking the door behind me.

I stood in front of the mirror, looking at the aftermath of my breakdown. My long black hair was a mess, my eyes were red as were my cheeks, sweat dripping down my forehead, all in all what reflected back was hideous.

I turned the knob, cold water streaming out of the tap. I began dabbing water over my face, attempted to get rid of the redness.

After a few minutes of that, I grabbed a towel next to the sink. Quickly drying off my face, I threw the now dirty towel in the laundry basket.

I gazed at my reflection again, the redness faded but my hair still looked like a tornado went through it. I opened the cabinet over the sink and retrieved my brush. I went through my hair with the white brush a few times. My black locks started to look more tamed. After a few pulls, I looked a lot more presentable.

I placed the brushed back into the cabinet before I stepped out into my bedroom. Page was laying on my bed with a magazine in her hand. She didn't seem to notice me till I turned on my desktop.

"Hey did you hear about 'Vampires Suck'?" Page asked me never looking away from the magazine.

"Yes, why do you ask?" after I typed in my password, I turned around and looked at her.

"Cause its coming out this Friday, and I was wondering if you wanted to go?"

"Sure, I'll love to. After watching the trailer I been dying to see it but dude, it doesn't come out for another three months since we're in Japan."

"Well we can always fly out to New York and watch it." she said with a huge grin on her face.

"I don't know.." I turned around when I heard a 'beep'. It was a 'im' from Mike.

"Oh come on Erin, we can invite Aneesa and Debbie along, and after that we can all go to queens center and make fun of people and there nasty fashion sense."

"Temping... but do you really think my moms gonna let me go?"

"Where don't you think I wouldn't let you go?"

"Mom! Don't you know how to knock!" Page and I were so absorbed in our conversation we didn't hear when my mom walk in, I sometimes wonder if my mom is secretly a ninja...

"Jeez Mrs B, you almost gave me a heart attack." Page told my mom, while she placed her hand where her heart was beating uncontrollably, well I assume.

"Sorry girls, I didn't mean to scare you. Now Erin, where is it you wanna go, that has you thinking I wont allow it?"

"Uh... New York this Friday to watch Vampires Suck?" I finally told her after a few long seconds of deciding if it was a good idea or not.


"WHAT?" I didn't mean to scream, but she usually never agrees to things like this.

"I said, sure you can go Erin," a giggle escape her lips, okay somethings up.

"Mom, whats the catch?"

"What you mean honey?"

"Don't honey me; I know there's something you want from me and by the looks of it. I'm guessing its not fun."

"Fine you caught me, sometimes I wish you were as gullible as your father." she pouted her lip, and crossed her arms over her chest, and she calls me a kid.

"But I'm not, so spill."

"Okay, okay." she breathed in and out before she continued.

"Well Erin, we're having some guest over tonight, and we're gonna go over some designs for the spring line."

"And what do I have to do with this?"

"Well the designer, Mrs Hitachiin is bringing her twin boys along and I want you and Page to keep them company while Mrs Hitachiin and I discuss the spring line."

"So basically you want us to play babysitter."

"No, the twins are around your age, so just keep them company, and I also heard they're both dashing men."

"Mom!" my face began to heat up.

"Erin stop acting like I'm from a different planet, now go get dress."

"What's wrong with what we're wearing now?"

"For one its your school uniform, and two we're also having dinner with them. So wear something beautiful."

"In other words wear a dress." I glared at her; she knows how much I despise wearing a dress.

"Dress or no New York." she told me before making her way to the door.

"Oh come on Erin, its just a damn dress, it wont kill ya." Page whispered in my ear.

"Fine, I'll wear a the stupid dress," I said it loud enough for my mom to hear from across the room.

"Good, that's what I thought."

"Sometimes I wanna, urgh!" I hissed when my mother was out of my bedroom.

"I guess we won't be watching our movie, and pigging out on ice cream?" Page said with sad eyes and no hope in her voice.

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