Chapter Tobias+Tris *Part 1*

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Chapter Tobias+Tris (10) *Part 1*

Tobias' POV:

It's been half a month since Trace first kicked. He's been giving Tris trouble at night, keeping her up. I try and stay awake so she's not alone, tossing and turning, but most of the time I can't do it. I fall asleep while our child is keeping her awake.

I make a deal with myself to help out as much as I can at night with the baby once he's born.


At around midnight I awake once again to Tris, tossing and turning, her face scrunched up, in what looks like pain.

"Hey. Tris, are you alright?" I ask, holding her to me.

"I-I think I'm fine. It just... hurts." She tells me.

"I know. I'm sorry Tris." I feel so bad, and I would trade places with her in a heart beat.

I settle one hand on her stomach, and the other gently rubs her back.

She quietly whimpers as I hold her, and small tears make their way down her cheeks.

"What's happening Tris? You need to tell me." I say.

"I don't know. He's-- I don't know." She sighs.

Still holding her body against mine, I whisper soothing things into her ear as the pain becomes worse.

Suddenly it hits me like a speeding train. Is he ok? He's ok right?

"Tris do you think he's ok?" I ask frantically.

"I think so. It's just--" she screams loudly into my shirt.

"What's wrong?!?" I yell. "Tris please you have to tell me!"

She cries, cringing and yelling out every now and then.

"I'm taking you to the hospital." I tell her.

I get up and rush to her side of the bed.

"Come on, I'll carry you."

Trying to help her sit up is hard. It seems to put her into even more pain.

"TOBIAS!!!" She screams as she sits up all the way, sobbing into her hands. "It hurts! Stop! It hurts too much!" She yells.

I'm shocked and gently apologize.

"Tris we have to go right now. I'm so sorry."

Swinging her into my arms sends another scream from her mouth.

"Tobias! I need to lay down! It hurts less!" She cries.

"You'll be laying down soon Tris I promise. Right now we gotta go."

I run as fast as I can manage to the infirmary.

When I burst in, the nurses eyes immediately go to the crying, pregnant Tris in my arms.

"It's the baby! I think there's something wrong with the baby!" I yell at them.

After a few seconds I am fuming with anger. They haven't moved.


The women rush off.

"Shh. It's ok. Trace is ok, this is all going to be fine. I promised you he'd make it, and I've never broken a promise have I?" I whisper in her ear.

Soon, a bed is rolled our way, and I place Tris on it as gently as I can. She still cries out.

They push the bed away from me, into a ward.

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