Just go with it

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Liam had his hand intertwined with mine. I would have been lying if I said it didn't make my heart skip since he didn't let go, not even when people stared or murmured as we passed. It was new to me since I don't remember the last time I got treated like this.. Like I was actually human and not a slut that was paid to give handjobs and blowjobs.

I would tell Louis and Zayn that I was with Liam right now but I didn't have any means to do so nor did I memorize their numbers just in case I was to get lost or get into trouble. Right now it didn't matter though since Louis and Zayn knew as well as I did that Liam was too crazy about me to even try and do anything I didn't like. He wouldn't.

Did I mention that he was the CEO of Payne Advertising? Yeah that big company that made all those ads that would always assure results? Yup I'm holding hands with the man who created it and for once I felt kind of proud and important since I never stood beside anyone who was as rich or famous as Liam was.

I had my doubts about Liam yes, and I still do to this day. I didn't like him but yeah, who cares? I hit the jackpot with this guy, fuck feelings... I'm going to enjoy and take advantage of this.

Heartless? Definitely.

I didn't do love, never have and I surely never will. Love was a complete waste of time and I didn't need it to survive especially for me who had nothing the world ever wanted or needed. The world was a cruel place that didn't give second chances and no matter how much you fought, it would keep pulling you down until you could fight no more. It's sad but very true.

I had dreams once, mostly about being a singer and gradually getting famous as I toured the world with my crew that was to get bigger and bigger as I rose to fame. A lot of people said I had a good voice but at every audition I went to, they would say the same thing but would always reject me in the end saying I lacked something that they couldn't put their finger on.

Up to this time, I didn't know what my voice lacked but I did often assume that what I really lacked wasn't something in my voice but some sort of support that I never really had. I found myself staring around mindlessly until my eyes trailed down my hand clutched tightly by Liam Payne.

Then it hit me, he was the answer to this silent hope and prayer that has been stuck in my head for quite some time now and as much as I wanted to tell him about it now, I think he was too overwhelmed at how long we've been holding hands since I could make out the slight blush on his cheeks.

"Liam?" I asked cautiously as we walked over to his limousine which I was now accustomed to seeing.

"Yes?" He turned to me with a smile as he gave my hand a light squeeze before pulling his hand away. My hand twitched slightly at the lack of warmth but I chose to ignore it as I slipped it in my pant pocket.

"Where are we going?" I continued, my eyes on him as I saw the driver open the backseat door waiting for us to enter.

"Somewhere I hope you'd like," He replied as he placed a hand on the small of my back instructing me to get in. I got in the limousine without question and before I could scoot away, Liam was already beside me, his arm against mine as the door was flung closed.

"Well what kind of place is it?" I asked again, my brows furrowed as my curiosity got the better of me.

"You'll see," Liam chuckled at my sudden eagerness. I then turned away from him as I looked out the window, curious as to where we were going. After a while, I felt a hand on mine and instead of moving my hand away like I was supposed to, I laced my hand together with Liam's and as I looked up to meet his gaze, he was already looking away with a smile evident on his face.

I kind of felt guilty as to why I was actually letting him do this but this plan was going to get me to where I always wanted to be so now, I just had to play along and go with whatever this was.

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