calumfornia girls we're unforgettable

daisy lukes with ashton on top

sun kissed skin so hot

we'll melt your mikesicle



das me and alex bitchachos

ohhhh wassup how you feeeeel

so we're writing a fanfic and if you don't read it you're denying your human potential

like legit the idea came from when we were talking on Skype

and she was like "why does it say you're 49"

and I was like "my mom put it in"

and she was like "oh im yodelling"

adad: I keep getting creepy contact requests from 40 year old guys

alexconda: block them

adad: I did

alexconda: that could be a fanfic

adad: yep we're writing it

it's called Contact Request and its a Luke fanfic bc agskakdjdjan I've never done a Luke one before

flashback to my luke girl days



I was a Luke girl once

but when I joined the fandom I was legit so dumb

i thought luke was ashton

so I smashed my head against a wall

but then I saw them open for one direction this year and im like "WAIT THAT ASIAN ONE IS CUTE"

so i stole calum hood

this is getting off topic read our fanfic

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