“I’m giving you a second chance. Now don’t waist it!” 

I wasn’t sure what to think. Was she serious? I leaped in anyway. What do I have to lose? My life? Ha! 

“You’re going back to your life okay? Its going to be different okay?” 

“What do you mean by different?” I demanded. 

“You will be different, it has taken a while to heal your body. But you will be different!” 


The water sucked me under before I speak. I panicked and kicked and screamed. Then the water glowed brightly, and I stopped kicking to look. 

I didn’t need to breathe. I just swam aimlessly around in the water, unable to find the surface. 

Suddenly the water was murky and my foot was caught in a root or something. I needed air desperately. 

I untangled my foot and swam frantically to the surface. When I emerged from the water, I took in a deep ragged breath.

“Noel?” I called, looking around me. 

She wasn’t here. The place wasn’t the forest I had seen ten seconds ago. This place wasn’t as breath taking or as brightly green as the one in the Half place. 

Then it hit me. I’m on Renton.

I pulled myself out of the water and looked at my surroundings. 

When I looked up, I saw my torn shirt blowing in the wind up high in the trees. 

My hand instinctively covered my chest. 

Shreds of my clothes were in the trees. But also I could see dried blood that looks like it had dripped down when I had.. I doubted I was alive by that point. 

The blood was nearly to the trunk of the tree. 

“Anyone out here!?” I shouted. No answer. 

I looked down at my clothes and frowned. Lets just say the side of my shirt wasn’t the only thing that had been caught in the branches. 

Well half of it has to be around here somewhere. I thought as I covered myself up again. 

I was dripping the cold nasty water from the murky lake. I smelled like a rotted fish. 

My fingers were like raisins and my skin was paler then I remembered. But other then that, I’m me. 

What if the change was Jack? I shook my head. No, she said it would be me. 

I started walking, making a swishing sound with my soaked sneakers. 

I was exhausted already. 

“Hello!?” I shouted to see if anyone was near. 

No one answered. 

With that, I began my journey through the woods.

It was dark again and freezing. I huddled in a tree, using my breath as a heater for my hands. I was delusional from exhaustion, hunger and thirst. I kept thinking I saw my mom and my dead dog Minnie. 

When sleep wasn’t coming, even though I was exhausted, I kept walking. Who knows where. 

The sun was rising and I saw nothing but woods, woods and more woods. I’m going to die here. Again. 

My stomach roared at me as I walked, so I clenched my jaw and kept walking. Dried tears were on my cheek from earlier when I thought I was about to die again. 

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