💖 I Love You 💖

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He blushed lightly and smiled back, "Y-yeah happy 5 month anniversary, Jazzy!"

I giggled and held his hand lightly with a hum. I nudged him with a smile as he gripped onto the bag he was holding tighter making me curious. He noticed and chuckled, "Jazzy no, not yet"

I whined and hugged him a bit more before letting go and huffing, "Fineeee..!"

He smiled and poked my cheek, "Good girl"

I rolled my eyes and blushed more with a quiet whine making him awh at me. I sunk down and just dragged him to the movie theater too flustered to talk or argue. He chuckled and followed me in getting popcorn and drink so i held the drink walking to room 4 to watch a horror movie with him.

I know I'll probably scream a lot but we both love horror movies. Especially making jokes about it and hearing each other's reactions. We put the popcorn and drink between us to share. We held each other's hands and I may have toghtened my grip on scary parts out of fear and he just snickered making me pout.

After we finished the popcorn and drink we put it aside and moved the drink holder to cuddle close. I blushed and relaxed my eyes snuggling close loving the warmth. I listened to his heart beat calmly opening my eyes again seeing a romantic scene playing. Even though I knew something bad would happen I just stayed there bracing myself for the jumpscare with him curling around me in a protective way knowing I was scared for the jumpscare.

When it happened I felt protected enough to just flinch so I snuggles him more whispering, "T-Thank you Nicky.."

He smiled and pet me softly, "Anytime cutie"

I rolled my eyes and stayed in his arms for the rest of the movie.

When it was finished I threw the trash and pulled him to a coffee shop ordering a cotton candy frappe with him behind me. He ordered hot coffee with some sugar making me pout. I sat at our table and rested my face on my hand mumbling, "You should've asked for extra sugar.."

He chuckled and said, "You should try it~ You never know, you can like it too."

I rolled my eyes and snickered sticking my tongue out at him, "Bleh"

He smiled and looked as the waitress handed us our orders. I looked at my frappe and smiled excitedly ready for the sweet flavor but he took my frappe and drank a bit as he stared at me. I pouted more and whined, "Gimmeeeee!"

He snickered, "Not until you try mine~"

I rilled my eyes and grinned, "I only want it if it has your cream~"

He blushed madly and I tried to not die of laughter from saying something like that. I couldn't help but laugh a bit into my hand. He just huffed, "ShUsH"

And I started dying of laughter so I hid my face laughing in my arms. He started getting embarrassed so he just passed me my drink as i slowly tried to stop laughing. I snickered after I calmed down and drank my frappe peacefully. I smiled and saw him sip his coffee seeing him burn his tongue once. I smiled and asked, "Want me to kiss your booboo?~"

And he blushed but nodded quietly making me shocked and flushed. I just slightly shook my head not expecting him to say yes. I sighed and looked away knowing both of us are embarrassed amd flustered. After a while of talking and sipping our drinks we got up and walked to the rides in the mall. I smiled and pointed to the small roller coaster with excitement. He sighed and bought us tickets then I dragged him quickly to it before anyone got in line.

After a few minutes of waiting it was our turn with a couple more people. This roller coaster was pair ride so we sat next to each other in the front holdimg each other's nearest hand. I felt so excited and he felt nervous. I cuddled his arm as it slowly started moving picking up speed quickly. I felt my stomach get butterflies and heard his heard pound. People were screaming and putting their hands up enjoying the ride and I was just relaxing feeling the cold air hit us. He seemed panicked slightly so I just snuggled closer to calm him down and it worked a bit.

After it was done he was sweaty and I was kinda pouty it was over. We fixed our hair as we walked away from the ride. I got an idea and asked, "Can we go to gamestop or maybe an ice cream place?"

He nodded and chuckled. I smiled, "Thank chu!"

He blushed and said, "No problem!"

We then spent the rest of the day eating ice cream and looking for new video games to play together and walking around more making us hurt our feet more from all the walking. Before our parents picked us up we remembered our gifts so we argued about who would go first. We both wanted the other to go first but he gave up and pulled out 7 red roses making me blush lightly and chuckle, "Of course seven.."

He snickered and nodded, "Mhmm~"

I tpok it out of his hands and kissed his cheek happily then took my backpack off pulling out a bunny plushie and a fox plushie giving the bunny to him smiling. "Look! We have a plushie of each other!" I giggled and he smiled softly.

I smiled more and kissed the fox plush with a grin and he whined and kissed the bunny plush. Soon enough our parents came in and picked us up taking us home after a long day.

(And please read my about or just the end of it uwu :3)

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