💖 I Love You 💖

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Okay so these are stories for me and my fox's anniversaries so if you don't like couply stuff xD proceed with caution uwu AND YES I'M DOING THIS NICKY HEHEHEHEHHE ÒWÓ Thicc_Fedora :)

My Point of View
I sighed checking my phone immediately when i wake up texting Nicky with a goofy smile knowing what day it is. I giggled as I sat up waiting for him to respond to my 'Morninggggg!! >w<'

I stared at his profile picture loving that both our profiles match and both were drawn by me. I waited for a minute before he texted back starting our conversation.

*start of chat*

Thiccy Nicky

Morninggggg!! >w<

Morningggg how'd chu sleep? :D

I slept well uwu how about you? owo

Same and i had an amazing dream you were there and i saved you from a dragon like you were a princess :3

>/////////////< HhHHhhH bAkA I'm not a princess >:T

You were in my dreams :)

*end of chat*

I smiled and blushed as i stared at the screen greatful I had someone like him.

He makes me feel so special and loved.. I swear he's just perfect...

I paused before giggling and texting again.

*start of chat*

Nickyyyyyy guess what today issss :3

[Thiccy Nicky is Typing]

*end of chat*

I stared excitedly at my phone and got slightly anxious thinking if he forgot or not. I couldn't wait to give him his gifts and see his reactions and talk about it. He finally texted back after what felt like ages so I quickly read the words to myself.

*start of chat*

I don't have to guess I remember well :) you know I have a great memory.

*end of chat*

I blushed after i read that and I just chuckled responding with 'What about the first month?' and he quickly typed back 'okay ThAt doesn't count' making me giggle more. I got up texting 'brb' and he responded with 'okiiii uwu.'

I showered and got ready putting on a small backpack with something in it, going into my mom's car with my mom smiling, "Congratulations, sweetie!"

I pouted feeling embarrassed my mom's telling me this as I kick my feet excitedly seeing the ma close by. I took out my phone and texted 'Backkkk :3'. I turned off my phone feeling my stomache get butterflies from nervousness as the mall got closer. Once i felt a vibration on my hand I turned it on and texted him as I walked into the mall with my mom behind me.

I put my phone away as I saw him at the entrance with his back turned to me. I smiled widely and ran to him giving him a hug from behind making him make a small scream from shock. I snickered and saw our parents talking before they both left us alone to spend our time together. I smiled, "Nickyyyyyyy!! Happy 5th month anniversary!!"

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