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This book will begin in a few days so be sure to add it to your libraries or follow me for regular notifications as I release chapters. 
I will try and post 5 chapters a week but as I am also working on home school with my children once again among other commitments sometimes I may need some time off and will keep you notified. 
This book picks up a few weeks after the end of book 1 where the story has progressed slightly. 

You will need to read book 1 if you wish to understand the plot in this book as they are a two part.

All fantasy cast fan images and the playlist of music for book 1  can be found on my blog if you check my bio. 
I love hearing from you all so comment, vote and send me messages on my social media if you like. I try and respond to all the interactions x

Let me know what you thought of book 1, who your favourite characters are and what you hope to see in book 2. 

Enjoy x

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