Chap. 5

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Nicole's POV

"How much longer until Kenzie can play again?" I asked dad, handing him his dinner.

"Who?" he asked, distractedly.

"Mackenzie, my friend?"

He nodded.

"Dad!" I called out, causing his head to snap up from his papers. "Mackenzie, when can she play again?"

"Uh, Mackenzie, let's see. Oh, yes. If I were to send her back into volleyball right this second, her knee would give out in less than a week."

"How come Mary-Kate was cleared only weeks after her surgery?"

"Because Mary-Kate worked hard at home. Mackenzie doesn't put in the effort."

I sighed. "I'll tell her."

"You do that." He bent back down over his paperwork again.

I sighed. "Dad, the pizza, remember?"

"Huh?" he asked, looking up.

"The pizza's here. You said you'd eat dinner here tonight, so I ordered it from your favorite place."

"Where's the pizza from?" dad asked.

"Papa John's of course."

Dad chuckled. "Alright, when's the game?"

"Leavin in five."

"What time does it start?"


"I'll be there."

I nodded, not really believing him. I went upstairs and grabbed my volleyball bag. I checked my uniform one last time.

I was wearing the tight, black shirt. It was short sleeve and had red lettering across the front that read Monroe School for the Arts. The letters were outlined with white. On the back was the number 3, written in white and outlined with red. My black spandex were tight and short, but that was normal for volleyball.

I went back downstairs and grabbed my keys. "Bye dad, see you at the game!"

"Bye," dad called, as I ran out the door.

I picked up Mackenzie on the way to the game. She was in her jersey with a pair of Hollister shorts.

"My dad said you aren't putting in the effort in order to speed up your rehab," I said.

She rolled her eyes. "I put in a lot of effort."

I chuckled. "Just passing on the info."

We reached the school and hurried inside. Trinity was already there, The Crew in the bleachers.

"Your brother brought the boys?" Mackenzie asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Oh Lord," Trinity said, rolling her eyes. "Kenzie..."

"I'm not obsessing over them, it's just a question!"

"He doesn't go anywhere without them."

"Nicole," Coach Kat ordered, coming into view. "You and Caroline set up the net, k?"

"Got it."

"Mackenzie, please hurry up and heal," Coach Kat said, squeezing Mackenzie's cheeks. "I miss you."

"Miss you too Kitty."

"Alright ladies, hop to it."

I grabbed Caroline and we set up the net. After that, I grabbed a volleyball and met up with Trinity.

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