Chapter 8 (P2): 5th Day, Friday

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Sehun's POV

The sun rays shined through my opened curtain which woke me up from my sleep. I covered myself with my blanket but the sun rays were so bright that I couldn't sleep back again. So I decided to get up and ready myself for school which made me smile just by thinking that I'm ready for EVERYTHING. Hehehe... you know what I mean >:) Yeah.. to get my revenge again to that girl who painted my pants hehehe... I'm ready for that totally ready. Prepare NaMi.

So I got up and went to the bathroom and did my thing there. After that I went downstairs and there I saw my butler cooking my breakfast.

"Hmm... smells delicious. What's for breakfast?" I asked my butler, named Mark as I approach the kitchen to wait for my breakfast to be cooked.

"Oh, your finally awake master. I've tried waking you up earlier but you won't wake up. I guess you had a good sleep. Mind telling me what made you so happy today, as I can see you've been smiling since when you woke up." He exclaimed while giving me his weird smile to me like what-are-you-so-happy-about smile.

"Oh, nothing. Let's just say I woke up at the good side of the bed?" I chuckled softly and diverted my gaze to my cooked breakfast. Ohh... I'm hungry. He never failed me to be amuse just by cooking. So enough with the talking because I'll start eating already while telling you my story :) since I'm in the mood.

"Here, eat as much as you can." He gave me my breakfast and started eating it but of course I'm not that selfish so I shared some to Mark hyung. You might be wondering why I'm so close to him well.. here's the story. Actually since when I was 4 he was already the one who took care of me when my parents were away from business and he already stood as my father that's why I'm really close to him unlike my 'real father' who is so busy and don't have time to bond with me which made me despise him even more.

"By the way hyung, did Luhan hyung came by here?" I asked breaking the silence. Usually Luhan always comes here and wait for me to go with him to school but now he isn't here. Maybe he's still sleeping. *shrugs both shoulders*

"Hmm. Luhan, He did come here, he said that he'll go ahead already because he's running late. He also wanted you to go to school together with him but you were still asleep that's why I woke you up but when I came out, he just left me a note saying that he'll go ahead." He explained. Oh so that's the reason but wait did he say running late? I looked at my watch to see what time it is and it was already 7:15. Oh No! 15 minutes left and I'll be late for the first class. Aish.. Luhan hyung should've woke me up. Now I should hurry in eating, no... no I should stop eating already I'll be late for school. Mark hyung seemed to notice that I am already in a hurry and so he quickly packed me some food but I said I'll just continue eating at school. And he nodded as a sign that he agreed. I got my bag from the sofa and ran outside but before that I bid goodbye to hyung. I went to the carpark where I parked my car and drove it going to my school anyway it'll just take me 5 minutes to go there with that I still have 5 minutes left to catch up for the first classes.

---------3 minutes later--------

At last I arrive!! I went directly to my room and there I met Luhan hyung with Min min talking with him. He's such an early bird that he even can't wake me up to go together with him. But before I could take a seat, as usual girls are screaming and shrieking when I entered. Tch... as if I care. I'm just too handsome to be popular and that's what I'm proud of. *proud smile* later on NaMi came in the classroom, as she came in she glared at me. What? I didn't do anything? She must be reminded of the agreement we had yesterday. Hahaha that agreement was the best one I had. Actually I did plan that right from the start when I knew she was the one trying to mess with me yesterday. So let's start now!

"Annyeong!" I greeted her with a sarcastic tone and smirked at her. But she just ignored me and glared at me in return. She handed to me a paper bag and gave it to me.

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