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My Dog.

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My dog, he knows me well,

I swear, he can tell at a glance,

whether he should stay or advance,

Waits for me to collect my thoughts,

while I add up my ones and naughts.

Or he'll nuzzle me with his snout,

as if to say: "Move, ya big lout!"

My dog, he loves me so.

I can tell by his gentle eyes,

so very caring and so wise.

By the wagging of his tail,

he faith in me shall never fail!

He listens to me with one cocked ear,

As if to tell me: "You mustn't fear!"

My dog, I need you so.

You, who are the sunshine of my soul.

Without you, my life would have no goal.

I thank the Lord each and every day,

for having met you along the way.

You, you melted my long frozen heart,

I pray you and I will never part!

My dog, you are my rock.

If ever before me you should go

and I face alone my greatest foe:

of being stranded here without you,

so sad, so lonely and ever blue,

you'll be the one who faithfully waits

to walk with me through those Pearly Gates.

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