Twenty One: Cant Turn Back Now

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"When are you ever in the mood ? " Avan said as I ignored him . I sat down on my desk and started to write. I needed to distract myself.

My nose flared when I felt his existence next to me.

"And you're here because ?"

"You're writing...Something's obviously wrong " Avan pointed out as I continued to write. I didn't know what I was writing I just wrote anything that came into my mind.

"If this is all about Tyler..." I laughed with no humor.

"That sh'thead ? We have bigger problems to deal with"

"Like what ?" Avan said, intrigued to know what I meant about that. I hesitantly put my pen down and turned to Avan.

"She knows...Skylar knows what we are " His eyes widen.

"What the f-ck?! How " Avan shouted as I hushed him. He wasn't really mad, he was scared......for our lives.

"Her dreams... She's been having dreams about herself dying. And Mimi's visions must've triggered a bit of her memory"

"Sh't " Avan cursed . He grabbed a handful of his head tugging at it.

"Sh't Sh't Sh't !! " He cursed even more "What the hell are we supposed to do?! The berserkers will be on our case "

I hit him quickly for causing so much noise. "Don't you think I know that " I half whispered and half yelled at him as he calmed down.

He sat on the floor beside my desk while I sat down on the chair backwards.

"So she knows...Everything ? "

"She only knows we're werewolves and the girl in her dreams is herself..I don't know what else she might know " Avan stood up about to leave

"Where do you think you're going? " I grabbed his forearm.

"To find some answers. This b'tch better tell me what she knows"

I grabbed his forearm tighter as he winced in pain.

"Touch her and you'll see what I'll do to you " I spat at him before letting go of his arm.

"Whatever happened to bros before hoes Zayn ? " Avan asked me as he rubbed his now sore arm. Within a few minutes it healed.

"You know what she means to me. So don't even start bringing up that crap " I warned him.

"She's just human girl. Man has she got you whipped " He shut his mouth as I glared at him.

Avan had no idea how much Skylar meant to me. She was perfect . She was a gift from God that only I could have. And to be with here with her was something I've always wanted. I needed her to know that I'm the only one she needs in her life.

Not that peasant. I wished they would of let me finish the job. The fact that she always called for Luke hurted me. It really did , jealousy took over know the rest.

"You need to figure out what she knows. Because we need to come up with a plan and fast " I nodded at him.

"You go tell the others while I try and talk to Skylar " I ordered as Avan nodded at me and left. I followed behind him as I left the room and went downstairs. Mimi and Tyler were with Avan already. Mimi sensed me if there was anything wrong.

I just sensed her back saying ' just listen to Avan '

I walked to where the library was. Skylar was there. She was reading a book and had her head down reading it with interest. Her child like behaviour caused me to laugh.

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