Twenty One: Cant Turn Back Now

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Twenty One: Can't Turn Back Now

Here it is..the moment and truth we've all been waiting for....

Zayn's POV


I said absolutely nothing. I always knew she would figure out who I was , what I was. I knew that this day would come as Mimi predicted and I'd have to prepare myself for that.

Although I didn't think it would be that fast.

I just stared at Skylar as her blue eyes stared at me for some kind of answer.

"Zayn..Say something" She said now worried .

What could I say? Yes I am a demonic werewolf .

I was scared , scared that if she knew the truth it'll make her fear me even more. That she wouldn't be able to handle anything.

But as promised. I had to tell her the story.

Whether I liked it or not.

I walked towards her and made her sit down with me. I sighed deeply not knowing how to explain this.

"You're right.." I said now looking up at her "I am a werewolf"

"But not a normal one " I was surprised that she didn't freak out like she'd usually do.

"No..not a normal one " I answered.

"Is that why you have golden eyes? So all of you ar-"

"There's nothing wrong with the others " I explained to her .

"Then why are you so different ? what caused you to be like this " She asked confused . Her thick eyebrows squiggled together as she puts strands of her blonde hair behind her ear.

She was so perfect. I could stare at her all day.

I didn't want her to know anything.

"I.." I paused "I can't tell you "

"Zayn! "

"I don't want you to be exposed to this " I held my tongue from saying again as she shook her head angrily.

"Let's just do baby steps..."

"I know what you are Zayn you may be in denial but I know " She snarled at me as I looked the other way .not being able to give her eye contact .

She noticed.

"What are you hiding ? There's something else " She said as I stiffened. I couldn't tell her. Not yet.

"It's nothing" I said sternly as she huffed in annoyance.

She stood up and glared at me .

"You can't hide it from me forever." And with that she walked away.

'I'm scared of loosing you if I do ' My thoughts screamed in my head.

It was all so hard to say. I couldn't tell her. I wanted her to be safe. If she knew everything, we would be in danger.

I sighed loudly punching the wall. Letting my anger out from it. My pain. My past.

I could feel him creeping up but I stayed as calm as I could.

"F-cking hell Zayn its just a wall " Avan came out of nowhere as I stopped.

"I'm not in the mood Avan " I spat coldly at him as he chuckled.

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