Lesson 7- How to Humiliate Yourself in front Hot Men

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            “I’m so sorry!” Brook gasped at the doorway. “I had to talk to Nathan for a second and-”

            A pencil stuck quivering in the doorframe with a dull thud. Brook felt the blood rush from her face. Why couldn’t she have just waited until all the classes were done? This woman was scarier than Lucy!

            “Oh my,” the black haired beauty smiled darkly. “Nathan tells me that he needs my help, so I agree to tutor you. And you show up late to my class?

            “Hi, Sarah,” Nathan smiled, poking his head into the room. “It’s my fault, really.”
            “Well then,” Sarah giggled, her good mood instantly restored, “if you were the one then I guess I wouldn’t mind.”

            But the moment Nathan was gone, the snide comments started all over again. Brook was shocked that her teacher would be so unforgiving over being tardy.

            Sarah was exactly Nathan’s age, a noble whose family was so close to being royals it was ridiculous. Apparently, had her great grandmother thrice removed hadn’t eloped with a commoner, Sarah would have been part of the little ring of royal families.

             “Oh, so you’ve never held a pastel once in your life, dear?” Sarah sneered, flipping her long black hair behind her shoulder. “How pitiful. I don’t know why Nathan chose you, no offense.”

            “So you were rejected?” Brook laughed cheerily. “How pitiful; but no offense.”

            “Oh please, I have no interest in Nathan.”

“Oh, so you flirt around like that with ALL men?”

“Well, it seems we’ve got a little joker here, don’t we?” Sarah smiled. The two of them looked like they were hitting it off and having a blast; unless one could hear the dialogue that passed.

            “I’ll say. Were you a class clown in the past by chance?”

            “I think the only clown here is you, orphan commoner.”

            “Then why are you wearing that ridiculous outfit?” Brook asked innocently. The battle of words lasted until the clock chimed five.

            “Well,” Brook sighed. “I guess I have to go.”

            “Such a shame,” Sarah sighed, her words dripping with venom. “Oh, right, I forgot to assign you homework. Sketch a still life scene that includes the elements of shading, indicated motion, and-”

            Brook was already out the door, slamming it behind her. Sarah sighed and rolled a pencil back and forth between her forefinger and thumb.

            “Brook Avery,” Sarah murmured to herself. She fought back a smile. What an interesting woman.

            Brook raced down the hall and out the east double doors. She stumbled onto a beautiful sight of rolling pastures dotted with patches of flowers and individual trees that stretched on as far as the mountains. Brook took in the sight with awe.

            High walls of stone surrounded the large estate, and a tan, wooden horse rail fence stretched around the grassy area which held a barn in the corner, protected from the sun’s heat by the stone walls’ shade. A small portion of the area was woodland, a small forest behind the open barn.

            Brook eagerly sprinted off, the sun warmed gravel leading to the penned enclosure crunching under her feet. How good it was to be free of that hideous building!

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