Day 4: Never Talk To Strangers... Unless You're Lost

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                                It’s like forgetting the words to your favourite song,

                                You can’t believe it; you were always singing along.


Start Destination: Turin, Italy

End Destination: Milan, Italy

Via: A random vineyard


09:48AM (GMT) / 10:48AM (Local Time)


After a – surprisingly – much needed lie in, our bags are piled in the car and Levi has demanded that he be allowed to drive today. Claiming that as he is the oldest, so therefore it is only fair. His argument was met by three pairs of rolling eyes but he is allowed to drive none the less.

I make my way into the backseat, preparing myself for a very long journey. Rosie takes the seat next to me, and El takes the passenger seat.

The drive is pretty boring; the only thing keeping me asleep is the group playlist we organised. Everybody got to pick five tracks to go on it, the pressure to pick well was indescribable.

As Levi drives I rest my head on the cool glass of the window, looking out as the surroundings blur by. It seems to be a lot of greenery and hills and I am relieved to know that the journey should not take us any longer than two hours.

Rosie is humming under her breath, El is reading fan-fiction on her phone and I have a notepad open on my lap, in which I am supposed to be planning today’s blog post. I have been neglecting updating people on the trip so far and I have missed the feeling of the keys under my fingers as the post comes to life. And so I am determined to write a new post up as soon as we get to the hotel.

“You okay?” El asks when she notices that I am yet to write anything in the book.

El and Rosie are the only people in my life who know about my blog, but thankfully they are not the only people who read it. I am yet to admit that I blog to my parents, mainly through fear of how disappointed they will be about it, in their mind it is definitely not a career path that I should follow.

I immerse myself back into my work and do not look up again until I feel the car draw to a stop about half an hour into the journey. I know that we cannot possibly be there yet, we have not been travelling for long enough.

“What have we stopped for?” I ask as I finish writing the last few words of my sentence.

“Levi’s gone and got us lost,” Rosie reveals.

“I haven’t got us lost!” Levi announces, “I know exactly where we are.”

“Where are we then?” Rosie asks him.

“I don’t know how to pronounce the name,” he tells us.

“Well still, how do you know where we are?”

“There’s a sign over there.”

I look up at the sign Levi is pointing at. Like Levi, I do not speak Italian but the combination of a picture of grapes and a general knowledge of the area makes me think that we might be at a local vineyard.”

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