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If you like this profile, why not check out the other profiles in the Fanfic profile family?

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If you like this profile, why not check out the other profiles in the Fanfic profile family?

Fanfic - The official Fanfiction category profile. Do you love fanfiction, fluff, crossovers, and the all-consuming feels that come with them? Then this is the community for you!

Kpop - The ambassador-managed that gives a taste of what Kpop has to offer, along with stories featuring your favorite Korean artists and fun contests.

Music - The ambassador-managed profile for all things music-related. Stories, contests, playlists and more.

starwarsfans - The ambassador-managed profile dedicated entirely to the much-beloved Science Fantasy franchise.

Superhero - The ambassador-managed profile for superhero fanatics. Suit up for some adventurous, action packed clashes between superheroes and supervillains.

WattpadDisney - The ambassador-managed profile for all-things Disney. From Pixar to Marvel, Classic Disney to Star Wars, wish upon this star and we'll do what we can to ensure all your dreams come true.

WattpadGaming - Wattpad's ambassador-managed gaming hub, where you're sure to find stories based in playable, digital worlds.

WattpadPotterverse - The ambassador-managed fandom profile created as a hub for fans of the Harry Potter series, and all that goes with it.

WattpadRiverdale - The ambassador-managed fandom profile created especially as a hub for fans of the hit TV series, Riverdale, and all that it entails. Discover contests and join Riverdale discussions.

WattpadBroadway - The ambassador-managed profile with love for the stage, shows, and for all things Broadway!

Or if you'd rather visit the Fan Fiction profile of your own language, we also have these international Fanfic profiles!

WattpadFanfictionDE - Our German Fanfic profile!

FanficRu - Our Russian Fanfic profile!

FanficIndonesia - Our Indonesian Fanfic profile!

FanFictionIN - Our Indian Fanfic profile!

FanficKR - Our Korean Fanfic profile!

FanFiksyenMY - Our Malay Fanfic profile!

FanficLP - Our Portuguese Fanfic profile!

KPopLP - Our Portuguese Kpop profile!

Fan-fictionES - Our Spanish Fanfic profile!

WattpadFanfictionIT - Our Italian Fanfic profile!

FanficsTR - Our Turkish Fanfic profile!

FanFicRo - Our Romanian Fanfic profile!

FanfictionAR - Our Arabic Fanfic profile!


FanFicPH - Our Filipino Fanfic profile!

WattpadFanficFR - Our French Fanfic profile!

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