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If you like this profile, why not check out the other profiles in the Fantasy profile family?

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If you like this profile, why not check out the other profiles in the Fantasy profile family?

Fantasy - The official Fantasy category profile. Whether something magical, thrilling, romantic, or otherworldly tickles your fancy, you're sure to discover it here.

HighFantasy - This is the ambassador-run profile for the well-loved high fantasy subgenre on Wattpad. This profile the home of unsuspecting heroes, the nest of dragons, the realm of wood-elves, and the fountain of dark sorcery to be destroyed.

Magic - The ambassador-managed profile for all things magical. Discover anything from spellbinding tales of magical worlds, to swift illusions with a sly slip of the hand.

MythandLegend - The ambassador-managed profile for myths and legends from east to west. Here you'll find every kind of mythical being, pantheon, deity, and long lost tales of urban and folkloric origins. Fiction so good it's legendary.

Retold - The ambassador-managed profile, where popular stories from all over the world are retold, giving things an entirely different outlook.

TalesoftheDeep - The ambassador-managed profile for all 'FantaSea' stories on Wattpad. Dive in for wannabe mermaids, mermen, selkies, pirates, Jaws and even Nemo fans who inhabit the same waters.

WattpadHornsandHalos - The ambassador profile for all those that have fallen or risen, the home of Angels, Demons, and Nephilim.

Or if you'd rather visit the Fantasy profile of your own language, we also have these fantastical international profiles!

WattpadFantasyDE - Our German Fantasy profile!

FantasyRU - Our Russian Fantasy profile!

FRFantasy - Our French Fantasy Profile!

FantasiIndonesia - Our Indonesian Fantasy profile!

FantasiMY - Our Malay Fantasy profile!

FantasiaLP - Our Portuguese Fantasy profile!

FantasiaES - Our Spanish Fantasy profile!

MitologiaES - Our Spanish mythological profile!

Fantasy_IT - Our Italian Fantasy profile!

FantasyRo - Our Romanian Fantasy profile!

 - Our Arabic Fantasy profile!

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