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"why did you want to come here, anyway?" mingyu said as he rested his chin on wonwoo's shoulder. they were sat on mingyu's jacket, leaning against the front of the car as mingyu back hugged the elder like a koala bear.

"the view of the city with the sunset in the background is a nice way to end our day, don't you think?" wonwoo asked as he looked up to mingyu's side profile of his face, their faces so close mingyu could feel the elder's breath on his neck.

"definitely." mingyu smiled, his arms hugging wonwoo tighter to create warmth between their bodies, bringing back what the evening breeze took away.

they looked back to the view of the city being engulfed by the darkness before it was lit up by lights and the moon. "by the way, you know the painting you gave me? the one you painted when we were last here?" wonwoo asked, feeling the younger's chin press on his shoulder as he nodded. "i still find it really pretty."

"thank you. i try." mingyu chuckled.

"if you're really interested in painting and artsy stuff, why don't you open up your own exhibition when you're older?" wonwoo asked again, now leaning on the younger's head which still rested on wonwoo's shoulder. "i mean, you have the talent for it. you could do something you enjoy and make money from it."

"maybe. i don't know what i want to do in the future, as i've never really thought about it. i doubt it would even be that big and get a lot of recognition." mingyu said with doubt. he had always loved art and painting, but never had the thought of displaying them in an exhibition.

unexpectedly, wonwoo tenderly placed a peck on mingyu's cheek, smiling as he caught mingyu by surprise. "i bet any exhibition full of your artwork would be beautiful, gyu. because look at this way, every beautiful artwork, was painted by a beautiful artist."

mingyu smiled at wonwoo's indirect compliment, knowing that wonwoo was neither good at giving compliments directly, or receiving them. "i'll think about it."

they sat in silence for a while, staying in each other's embrace as they watched the glowing sun hide behind the horizon. "do you mind if i ask you something?" wonwoo asked.

"ask away."

"what made you like me? like, what made me attractive to you?" wonwoo looked up to face mingyu, his eyes full of curiosity and expectancy.

"to be honest, from the first time i saw you, i think had already got attracted. i was just in denial, which kind of explains my rudeness, which i'm still sorry for." mingyu chuckled. mingyu looked wonwoo in the eye, adoration evident in his pupils and just from the sight, it could make wonwoo's heart explode. the serious, intimidating kim mingyu he had first interacted almost a week ago, looked so innocent and cuddly right now.

"before, i never usually enjoyed being with you, i expected to not learn anything. i just thought that i'd be tutored for five weeks, and then i'd be expelled and i'd be free. but overtime, i started enjoying your company." mingyu explained. "what made me like you? i guess it was lots of things. the way you take your responsibility as a council member so seriously. the way you get so excited at the sight of a cat. the way you become so focus when your reading or playing a video game. the way you always put others first before yourself."

"mingyu..." wonwoo was slightly shocked by the small speech mingyu had given, not expecting that type of answer. when he had this type of question to minjae, minjae responded with something along the lines of, "i like you because you're pretty, obviously."

wonwoo had only experienced guys liking him for his looks, and it was kind of discouraging for him. but mingyu saying this, it was like a sudden wave of relief and realisation had came over him.

"i'm not saying these things so you would like me more. i'm saying these things so that you won't have any doubts, i mean what i say, hyung." mingyu said, a small smile upon his face. "from what you've told me about your ex, i want you to know what it feels like to be loved by someone."

"what it feels.. to be loved by someone?" wonwoo asked. "are you implying that you love me?

mingyu was taken aback by the sudden question, not expecting to be asked this. did i love wonwoo? what he felt was definitely some kind of strong emotion, whether it was love or not, he didn't know. "i don't know yet." mingyu simply said, leaning his head on the elder's shoulder in front of him, closing his eyes as the wind passed by. he pressed his lips together before confessing, "but i hope what i'm feeling is love."

wonwoo looked at him and asked, "what do you mean by that?"

then, mingyu suddenly pressed his lips onto wonwoo's, eagerness and passion melting into the kiss just as wonwoo did as he kissed back, sitting up and turning around to the point he was straddling the younger's lap, placing his hands on mingyu's face to deepen their kiss. mingyu's hands made their way to wonwoo's slim waist, pulling him closer before they broke away, panting.

"what i mean is," mingyu began, "i hope what i'm feeling is love, so that everything i do towards you- every action- every word- would be because i love you. because you, jeon wonwoo, deserve to be loved, after everything you have had to endure. you deserve to be loved."

you deserve to be loved.

you deserve to be loved.

you deserve to be loved.

you deserve to be loved.

you deserve to be loved.

do i deserve to be loved? i don't even know what love is, or what it's like to be in love. i've never found true love.

but what wonwoo's naive mind didn't know, was that he already found love. he already knew what love was. he already knew what it was like to be in love.

because he already found love in mingyu.

and because he was already in love with kim mingyu.

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