Meeting Gabriel Agreste

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I saw Mr. Agreste look at what I'm wearing. And I TOTALLY freaked out! I was on total PANIC mode, but I tried my best to remain calm.

"Nice choice of clothing and colours Ms. Cheng, nothing too shiny, everything casual. Just the way I like it. All the other women who came was unbearable to look at with all that shine. You are selected for my job but...under one condition. Will that do?"

I stood in the doorway, mouth wide open. panic mode totally changed into suprise mode. I didn't even get to say a word and he has already choosen me.

"bu-but Mr. Agreste-"

"I hope that you desinged the clothes yourself?"

"Yes-yes of course. but Mr. Agreste, you didn't see my desings."

" Oh, your clothes are enough to describe you."

"Thank you very much Mr. Agreste."

" okay with that one condition?"

"What may that be, sir??"

"I'll tell you that in a weeks time. So I hope that's a yes?"

I felt uncomfortable, but I have my house to save, and parents in waiting.

"Sure sir" I said smiling.

"good. come to work from tommorow. You are dismissed"

"Thank you monsieur!"

I quickly opened the door, and steeped out only to fall back through the office door and into the office. CLUMSY AGAAAAIIINNN!! I collected my stuff quickly when a hand hovered over my face. I looked up at a tall-built man, not able to see his face because of the sun and my dizziness after the fall. I took his hand and stood up quickly only to hear Mr. Agreste saying,

"Oh, there you are Adrien! I see that you've met my new Fashion designer"

That's when everything came crashing down. I've bumped into ADRIEN FRICKING AGRESTE.


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