Play 7: To Kill A Mocking Human

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I was surrounded by the leaders of the Shinsengumi. Again.

This time, however, I was in a state of confusion. Do they know Yukimura Koudou? If they do, will they know that his daughter Chizuru is missing, and an imposter is currently taking her place? If they knew, I was sure I would be executed for lying to them, and going home would be impossible.

"I did think you were rather pretty, but to think that you were in fact a girl..." Kondou broke the silence first.

"I sort of forgot the fact that I'm dressed like a boy too, until a certain someone exposed me," I mumbled under my breath, eyeing Souji in annoyance. As usual, he gave me his signature smile, which made me want to sock his face.

Toudou looked over me for the hundredth time. "Once you know she's a girl, she really doesn't look like a boy at all, does she?" His curious eyes were almost gleaming in amusement, and I wanted to cringe away.

"Then we bounded a girl and left her for an entire night? Oh dear..." Inoue looked as if a boulder had suddenly landed upon his shoulders, and I felt guilty for once ever since I came into this world.

Waving my hand off, I shook my head quickly. "Y-You didn't know, so it's okay. Unlike a certain someone..." My eyes automatically shifted to Souji again, and I turned away, my chin in the air. That didn't seem to upset him--it made his smirk widened instead.

"Well, 'she' claimed to be a girl, but it's not like we have any actual proof, right?" Nagakura's eyes were filled with suspicion.

Beside him, Harada laughed. "Proof, really? Is it not obvious enough for ya? All right, will you feel better if I strip her down?"

Without thinking, my hands went to cover my chest, my face burning. "No! I mean, I'm flat-chested, but--" Admitting this somehow made me face even hotter, and I wanted to bury my head into the ground like an ostrich.

"No!" Kondou exclaimed. "You absolutely will not! Even suggesting such a thing is preposterous!" His face red, he shot up from his seat. He looked at me as if apologising for Harada's rudeness, and I suddenly felt like a guest rather than a prisoner.

"At least someone's a gentleman in here," I said to myself, and Saito's eyes flickered at me for a moment. I realized what I just said, and hastily tried to explain myself. "I-I mean, Saito-san's a gentleman too--" I stopped abruptly, frowning. Why am I bothering to explain myself to someone who knew the truth and yet hid it from others?

"Well, if you are really a girl, then killing just feels kinda...wrong." Nagakura interrupted me, and I unwillingly let out a sign of relief. So now they wouldn't be killing me now, huh...

"It doesn't matter; if we have to kill her, she dies." Hijikata's cold voice sent tension to my heart, and I shifted uncomfortably.

"Gender is irrelevant. Killing in general is wrong." Sanan smiled as if we were discussing about a tea party. "Also..." His emotionless eyes settled on me. "You mentioned Yukimura Koudou, am I right?"

I nodded slowly. "I remembered my name, Yukimura Jun, but I don't recall anything about his face and the like..."

"Since you have the same family name as Dr. Yukimura, I assume that you are his daughter, or at least his relative." Sanan said. "And the other name you have mentioned..."

"Matsumoto Ryojun, right?" Nagakura murmured.

"A-according to my written diary, he's out of town..." I said uncertainly--I didn't know whether I should give away such information. "So, where is Yuk-my father now?" The term tasted weird in my tongue, since I had never called my dad 'father' ever since young.

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