Chappie 2: The death of the saviour of Olympus

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Artemis pov.
-----------before the death-----------
"Where is that twat?" Zeus shouted "I told him that the meeting was after dinner, lord Zeus" Leo quickly said.
"If he won't come then I'll bring him here" Zeus waves his hand and he appears...BUT WHAT IS HE DOING!?!?!? Percy has his sword through his heart tears flowing down his face, facing towards Annabeth when his body falls on the floor with a loud 'THUD'. The throne room explodes into chaos (not the creator of everything😄), Apollo rushed straight to Percy's body trying to heal him while everyone is crying. I walk up to his body and I throw a golden drachma into the air saying "Iris show me what happened to percy over the last month" suddenly a video popped up and we watched. "YOU IDIOTS! HE SAVED OLYMPUS TWICE (or once) HE DECLINED IMMORTALITY FOR YOU ANNABETH! HE TRUSTED YOU ALL BUT YOU BETRAYED HIM BY TRUSTING THAT POOR EXCUSE OF A DEMIGOD JACK!!" Annabeth is crying and trying to run to Percy's body but CHB holds her back, when Reyna walks to her and she gives her a slap that echoes throughout the whole of Olympus. Jack finds that time as his que to be a scumbag. "You don't need him, you have me" he shouts, the whole ,throne room silent. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades immediately have there weopons pointed at him, Posiedon muttering "How dare you". They were about to shoot when I got a sudden thought "WAIT" I shout, then pause "he is not worthy enough to be known by getting killed by the big three, so...I have a much better, slower, painful torture for him, Huntresses you've got a target to kill" The huntresses grinned an evil grin, while dragging a screaming jack out of the throne room. You could here agonising screams and laughs so loud that, that was the only thing you could hear. I suddenly felt tapping on my leg, I look down to see a kneeling Apollo whispering to me "he doesn't want to live anymore" when suddenly Percy's eyes flutter open revealing dull green eyes. "dad, Annie I'm sorry for betraying you" then his eyes drop shut and I knew he wasn't going to come back. ever. Everyone cried and cried year after year after year about what had happened, their betrayal stuck in their heads for
All eternity.

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