Chapter 3

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>> Chapter 3
>> Hidestar123

Vikk face palmed at the sight of this monstrosity. "I... Had Lachlan seen this already?" he managed to ask while he covers his face with his palms.

Rob shook his head as he was smiling ever so innocently and showed a red card to Vikk.

"If he denies, he lies..." Vikk read the words on the card out loud.
The card was red in colour and it has an orange heart in the middle between the so called stick version of Lachlan and Vikk. Of course, Lachlan would be taller than Vikk and would be wearing a hat. "3 months" are written on the left and right side of the card with yellow markers, making Vikk sigh at this point.

"Very creative, Rob." Vikk lightly chuckled, trying to not snap at his friends.
"Oh, Vikk. Just say it, you like-like Lil' Lachy-Dachy!" Preston squealed like a Fangirl getting to meet their faves.

"Ooh! Look at the time. I have to go, cuties! Tata!" Preston said with a cheery tone as always. The lava mob sprinted towards to the direction of his base as he slowly disappeared into the depts of the forest.

Vikk glared at Rob, ready to say something but gave up on it. "Nevermind." Vikk mumbled as he parkour'd over the lily pads and slammed his newly replaced door angrily. "Damn it, Rob." Vikk whispered to himself as he camped in his tower on the very top floor at one of the tower porch.

* * *

Lachlan woke up with a yawn, looking at both sides from his bed before fully waking up with a concern thought on his mind. "I think something happened overnight." He said to himself, walking out of his house and standing on the docks.

His eyes catches Rob, about to go home.


The call of the Aussie caught Rob. "Oh, eheh, Lachlan..." Rob nervously chuckled, waving frantically at his Aussie friend. "You're up early today than always." Rob said, smiling.

Lachlan caught the red card that Rob was hiding behind his back.

"Hey! Give that back, Lachlan!"

Rob tried to snatch the card off of Lachlan's right hand, as Lachlan's left hand was trying to hold off Rob from getting the card from Lachy. "If he denies, he lies..." Lachlan read slowly as the phrase doesn't process in his mind. "Three months, a heart in the middle, and a drawing of Vikk and I." Lachlan deceived the card that Rob obviously made. "Th-that's nothing! I-I made it for fun!" Rob stuttered as he finally get to snatch the card from Lachlan.

"But... Isn't it December still?" Lachlan asked.
"It's not yet February for Valentine's day, isn't it?"

Rob facepalmed and shook his head. "It's complicated to explain. Sorry that you don't know... You'll find out sooner or later." Rob tried to force a smile, which failed. The blue hoodie wearing Canadian grabbed a mine craft from his inventory and waved a good-bye to Lachlan.

"You'll know someday." Rob whispered before hopping in the mine cart and returning to his castle-styled home.

* * *

Lachlan stood on where Rob's mine cart system is. "I- uh, what?"

Sighing, he returned to his home and did some mining, potion brewing, and item sorting. "What to do, what to do?" he asked himself, walking in circles around his brewing station. "Oh! I'll go ask Vikk what to do!" he grins, putting on his whole set of diamond armour and his diamond tools.

Doors opened and closed, Lachlan looked from the bottom to the top of Vikk towers. There's something in the clouds, way up in the sky.


Lachlan shook his head. Confused.

He is confused.

"What the heck is this?"

Shaking his head again, confuzzled.

"I knew it. Something did happen overnight."

Ignoring the big sign above Vikk towers, he started knocking on the front doors which made Vikk flinched.

* * *


Vikk heard knocking from the dead silence that he hears for so long.

Who's knocking?

Vikk didn't bother to stand up, he's still camping in one of the towers with the blue beacon in it. Vikk shook his head, noting himself that whoever is knocking at the moment, he will never open the doors.

But then again, the doors doesn't have a lock.
Those are only iron doors.

It was Lachlan.

Vikk's anxiety slowly builds up within him, not knowing what to do.

Shaking his head, he started breathing deeply to calm himself.

"Vikk! Are you up here?" Lachlan called, the sound of his voice became louder. He got in, he's slowly going to the very top of the tower and will find Vikk hiding in shame.

Vikk whimpered, he doesn't want to see anyone right now.

Knees close to his chest, head down as his eyes are on his knees.

* * *

Lachlan poked his head and let the afternoon breeze get to him. "Vikk?" he manage to say, but no one replied. "Seems like he's out at the moment..." Lachlan frowned, slowly going down the ladder and onto the outside of the Vikk towers.

"Maybe he's working on that project that him and Mat are currently working on."

Lachlan sprinted off to Mat's base and after a four to seven minutes of walking through the woods and to the swamps, he finally reached his destination; the casino of Vikk and Mat.

All he sees is someone in full diamond armour and robotic features, obviously Mat.

"Oi, Mat!" Lachlan called, catching Mat's attention from way up high.

"Aye, Lachlan!" Mat yelled, waving from the very top of the high tower.

Mat went to the side of the building and slid down to the very bottom within seconds. "What brings you here Lachy?" Mat asked, holding a bunch of nether bricks and andesite on both hands.

"Is Vikk here? I need his help on something." Lachlan suddenly asked, ignoring Mat's question. "Sorry, bro. Haven't seen him at all." Mat said, making Lachlan's mood to drop.

"He was suppose to help me with this right now, but seems like he ain't here, so I just started working without him." Mat said, opening the chest that's in the middle and storing the nether bricks and andesite in there.

"But if you ever see him, tell him that he needs to help me with this project." Mat looked at the tall tower that he has been continue on working since earlier.

"Sure thing, bro." The blondie said before leaving.

"Well, thanks for the info, Mat." Lachlan forced a smile as he walked away slowly to Ali-A's house.

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