Chapter 2

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>> Chapter 2
>> #Vikklan sign

Vikk got out of the mine cart after his trip at Rob's place. He broke the cart and picked it up, placing it in his inventory space.

Vikk looked around the Salty Lagoon, same ol' things, same ol' things. "That's odd," Vikk said, looking around the docks. "Lachlan's not around..." he mumbled, jumping on the lily pads, parkouring to his house. As usual, zombies are by his entrance way, and because of the magenta carpets the zombies get stuck and hang out by outside his house.

Swinging his diamond sword around, he lit the zombies on fire and started killing them off of his doorway. "That's more like it. Maybe I should just send this villager down in the basement along with Houdini." he thought, breaking the floor around him and went upstairs. "Where are my rail tracks?" he asked himself, looking through the double chests on his second floor, seeing the rails at a random chest.

Vikk then, fixed everything;
•Put the villager into the basement, along with the farmer villager aka Houdini
•Added doors by the entrance way so it wouldn't feel way too open
•Trapped a mini zombie on the first floor and used a name tag on it naming the mini zombie after him "Vikkstar123"
•Made an automated cow farm
•Made a Villager breeding system just 50 blocks away from his tower

All of a span of at least the whole night.

Staring out of the window, he slowly sees the sun rising on the horizon as the dark fights with the light and the zombies and skeletons that has no helmet on started burning and leave their remains on the ground outside Salty Lagoon.

"Great," Vikk slurred, rolling his eyes as he sees the sun above the peaks of the world. "Another productive night with, yet again, no sleep." he yawned, going outside of Vikk towers, jumping on the little land right outside his house (the one that has a chest on it right in front of his house.)

Vikk glanced on Jerome's treehouse and frowned at it, remembering that Jerome controlled Vikk and lit it on fire, which burnt down in a matter of seconds. Vikk shivered at the sight seeing Jerome's things on fire. "I swear, Jerome probably casted a spell on me and lit his house on fire." Vikk sighed, leaving the burnt abandoned treehouse as he wanders off to Ali-A's place.

It took him at least three minutes of walking to get there, killing off mobs like spiders and creepers along the way. "Is Ali even here?" Vikk asked himself, looking right up the big "A" text that Ali built to symbolize himself. Vikk even tried to replace it with a "V" and before Ali could have seen it, Preston changed it with a "P" which made Vikk upset and very salty.

Vikk swim to the port of Ali's home and seeing no one in the house. He could be wrong since he didn't look at the whole house yet to know if someone's really home or Ali is just out mining or adventuring.

A faint noise of a villager dying made Vikk go down further to the many rooms and hallways that Ali has, seeing a villager getting attacked by a zombie. Two shot the zombie and takes his remains, crafting a sign at Ali's place and wrote;

"You owe me because I saved
  your villager. #AliBigNoob

Vikk chuckled at the sign he placed and heard someone calling out his name. "Vikk?" someone called in a form of a question, obviously it was Ali-A, but Vikk just decided to run away and get back to his place. "I know you're here!" and with that, he left with a sign. (pun intended)

Yawning as he glanced on every direction he could glance on to, he obviously tired of the productive things that he had been doing the past couple of days. It's been a busy day for a busy Vikkstar, and he couldn't wait to get to bed. Hopefully if he reaches to Vikk towers without passing out of exhaustion, then he would be fine.

As his eyes slowly gets heavier, he took a deep breath and rubbing his eyes to see more clearer. At a distance, about thirty blocks away, you could see the Salty Lagoon, the most known landmark in HTM.

Vikk smiles as he slowly walked to his tower, stepping on the gold blocks outside his entrance way and opening the new door he installed there. The groan on the mini zombie running around a 1x2 cage greeted him, but Vikk just ignored it and headed upstairs to where his bed was at.

Reaching the 5th floor of his house was a struggle for him, due to that he's very sleepy at the moment and the fact that he was wearing diamond armour, as well as carrying a bunch of things. He threw everything in a nearby chest and took of his armour, not even bothering that it was just a random chest like any other chest that's scattered around his house.

And as on que, Vikk plopped on the mattress and just fall back into dream land in a matter of seconds.

* * *

Chuckling from outside made Vikk curious and got up from bed, it's the reason why he woke up. Vikk looked outside his house and noticed that the sun was already up in the middle of the sky. "Was I asleep for more than a day?!" he asked himself, slightly surprised at that. Never knew that it would take him a day to get fully rested. Overall, he does feel so refreshed.

Vikk followed on where the source of chuckling was, and to his surprise, he couldn't make up on who's voice was the one chuckling, but he could tell that it wasn't just one person, it was three.

Feet landed on the first floor, hands still holding on the ladders. Vikk heard faint voices and decided to stay inside and listen before going out to see what's happening.

"His face will be flushed when he sees this!" a voice said, probably it was Preston, since there was a bright glow of light near Vikk's house.

"I think he'll love it!" a cheery voice said, making it up as Rob-a-dob-flob who can never ever get a job.

"I think he won't" a voice debates from the comment earlier, sounds like Ali as for what Vikk could tell.

Vikk slowly opened the right door of the entrance, and three pairs of eyes landed on him, standing by the docks on the other side of Salty Lagoon.

Preston was grinning.
Rob was smiling.
Ali was smirking.

Knowing his closest friends, they're probably planning something, pulling a prank, or simply hiding something from him.

"Good morning Vikk!" Rob greeted, breaking the silence between the four of them. Vikk was slightly confused, but it disappeared when he notices that it was a bit darker for a 10am wake up call. "Why is it suddenly darker...?" Vikk looked up to see what was blocking the sunlight, seeing a giant "Vikklan" sign floating in mid-air.

Just as what Preston predicted; Vikk's face flushed and started staring at the giant Vikklan sign with the "Vikk" being blue, and the "lan" being red with two pink hearts surrounding both top and bottom of the ship name.

Vikk closed his eyes and tried not to blush bright red in front of the people that knows him all to well. But then again, Rob is the only one who knows.

"I called it, his reaction's flushed! Pay up, boys!" Preston started grinning, lava paws reaching on the prize. Rob dug into his inventory space for some rich resources as for Ali-A, he let out some flowers instead. "C'mon, Ali!" Preston refused to take the offer as Ali just made an excuse to get away.

"Wh-Who made this?"

"For what I know, Tyler did." Rob chuckled, looking above the Vikklan sign— up above the clouds.

"I've overslept for one whole day and this happens."

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