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To Save a Broken Heart

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(Picture above is Annie)
Hello! My name is Annie Ross, I'm a 15 year old from a small town in New York. I'm a Viner, a well known one, I suppose, I have, like, 6 million followers, I believe, which really confuses me beyond all belief. They call me the hipster of vine, I don't get why, I'm not a hipster, but call me what you want, I guess, your opinion is your own. I care about my followers so much because they remind me how loving and supportive people can be. I try as much as possible to follow back and reply but some just get lost in the jumble, which really hurts, I wish I could show just how amazing they are to me. Some things about me, I love art, when I'm not vining, doing my home school classes, doing my mom's hair, and watching movies, I'm painting, drawing, basically doing anything I can to express myself, like sing or dance. Before I started making vines, I was on YouTube for about a two years, and then I got taken from my real parents, so my adoptive mother, Lauren, bought me better equipment and a cell phone so I started using social media. I have public Twitter and Instagram accounts but none of my followers know about my Tumblr account.

I then joined vine and my 'fame' skyrocketed, which I'm not sure I like, I like the people when they are over the Internet, but I'm really terrible and conversing face to face, so awful that Lauren had me seeing a councilor. If I do say so my self, I have come very far, I actually have conversations with the guy at subway now. I consider myself asexual, I haven't really done anything with a guy or girl, not even a kiss, except when I was forced to, but those days are over thanks to Lauren. Now that I live with her, my life has completely changed, and it's all thanks to her. I can never thank her enough, for everything from getting me cloths, to just dealing with me my first six months of living here. She couldn't even touch me because I would freak out, not like mad that I was being touched, but it scared me. I was literally terrified of human contact because of my father.

I currently post videos of me singing my own songs now, along dance routines. On vine I tend to just post thing I find funny or ridiculous or just me making a point. For some reason, people like them.

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