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Title: Saviour

Author: DelaneyBrenna

Genre: Werewolf

Status: Completed

My Rating: Favorite

Review Originally Published: December 12, 2014

Checked April 28, 2017

Reads: 20.7K

Official Synopsis:

When Zach Clements and Danni Santiago meet, it seems that the only thing standing in the way of them being Mates is the metal cage that separates them. With Danni trapped and Zach able to do what he wants as Alpha of his pack, she must rely on him to save her. But, even after he has rescued her, it seems like the cage wasn't the only thing that wanted to keep them apart. When an ancient ritual comes alive, bringing with it deaths from of the five families, Vampires, Faeries, Warlocks, Humans, and Werewolves, Danni and Zach must figure out a way to stop it before it claims the world they know. Together the pair embark on a journey of life, love ,and self-sacrifice. Told in a dual-point perspective, 'To Save My Mate' is a thrilling tale which will bring readers within a world of beauty, fear, and what it means to truly save the person you love.


* Alert! There are new ideas in this book! Yay!

* The MMC isn't a player or man-whore. The majority of werewolves don't have sex until they find their mate. I think this is awesome. Also, there is not one cliché mean girl in this book. Yay!

* Romance is a big part of this book, but it's not really the focus. All the drama comes from the paranormal world around them.

* I want to know a lot more about the world they are in with the Vampires, Warlocks, and Faeries, but it's all delicious little tidbits and morsels that create tons of mystery. I had guesses but couldn't be sure I was right. To me, that's good writing. The author has plenty of room to write other stories in this world.

* The writing is good. It's a nice mix of action, description, and emotion. Things aren't rushed. Instead we experience them with the characters. This is great! It doesn't lag either. I didn't get bored and read it very quickly.

* This is another undiscovered treasure. There were only about 13k reads when I read it. It deserves way more attention. Two and a half years later, it still only has 20.7K.

For my fellow grammar sticklers:

* This was very easy for me to read. The author did an excellent job with grammar and spelling. You won't have any problems here.

* And BTW, the title isn't misspelled (if you thought it was). Saviour is correct everywhere outside of the U.S. It's only savior inside the U.S. Go on and Google it :)

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