Chapter 9: Something About 'Alaric"

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Season 2, Episode 18

Klaus opened Alaric's closet only to scowl in disgust

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Klaus opened Alaric's closet only to scowl in disgust. He swiped through hangers looking for something that didn't want to make him gauge his eyes out.

 "Who is this guy, Safari Sam?" 

He groaned walking away with two shirts that least tempted him to want to throw into a blender. He held one up, it was a black button-up "Okay, bad? Or-" the other hand held up a  flannel, "-badder?" He looked at Katherine who was sitting on the loveseat expecting an answer.

"The dark color suits you better." She glared.

"Thank you, honey." He smiled sarcastically. "Okay, pop quiz,-" he clasped his hands together"-the dagger and white ash are in the Salvatores' possession correct?"

"The dagger was used to kill Elijah. You'll find him in the basement of their house."

"That dagger stays exactly where it is. The last thing I need is Elijah resurrected. Man, that guy is a buzzkill." Klaus shook his head.

Katherine shrunk to her seat as he walked closer to her. His hand held Katherine's cheek making her jump a little. "Jumpy, are we?" He satisfied with the frightful reaction she gave.

"Please, just kill me. I've told you everything that I know." Katherine knew that death was a better fate than being the Original Hybrid's prisoner for centuries. That thought made her want to hang herself again.

Klaus scoffed at her pathetic plea, "And show you kindness? I've searched for you for over five hundred years." His voice suddenly went lower as his eyes darkened, "Your death is going to last at least half that long."

A sound coming from the bed behind them gained their attention. Havana was stirring in her sleep. She had switched her position from laying on her stomach to her back. Both of them knew that any second now, she will wake.

Klaus quickly got a knife out of his pocket. The blade was extremely sharp, one light press on the tip will make blood pour out of your finger. "I want you to take this knife and stab yourself in the bathroom until I saw so." He compelled. Unwillingly, Katherine took the knife and sped into the bathroom where she tortured herself silently. It would be late in the afternoon until Klaus will order her to stop.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Havana felt the bed sink. Her still sleepy eyes opened to see Alaric sitting on the edge of the bed smiling at her. His eyes had joy in them and his hand brushed Havana's cheek as if she would vanish into thin air if he let go, "Good morning, love."

Um..what? "Good morning Ric?" It sounded like a question than a greeting. Looking around the room, she wondered why she was on his bed. Memories of last night came rushing back to her. She remembered being drunk and repeatedly banged on his door in the middle of the night until he opened it before passing out in his arms, end of the story. "Oh Gosh." Her hands went to her face "I'm so so sorry for bothering you last night Ric. I still meant what I said. I'm done with the bad vices and I-I-"

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