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Chanel's POV:

I was pulled out of unconsciousness by a loud clanging. I opened my eyes and blinked trying to focus my blurry vision. My head was throbbing and it was pitch dark. As my eye sight began to focus I could see the outline of a jail cell, there was no windows, and I could hear a dripping sound. I tried to lift my hands up only to find thing shackled to the chair. As fear over took me I began to rattle the chains screaming; at first with a hoarse voice I could barely recognize as my own then to a full high pitched screech as I realized I was most definitely not in my house.

I could hear the loud steps of some one coming next to me. The gate was wrenched open and the next sound I uttered was one of shock, disbelief.

"J-J-J-J-Jase? What are you doing here?"

A sinister laugh echoed throughout the room.

"Ah! Miss airhead finally figures it out! You really think I actually care about you? Darling your just a pretty face, and my leverage. Think about it if Daddy doesn't pay, your dead."


"Well there two reasons, one to get the money from you darling dad, and the other for Ale."

"Oh my F'ing god! How the hell is kidnapping me supposed to get you Ale?"

"Let's just say Ale doesn't like to see bad things happen to people, and when she sets her mind on doing something she does it. So if she finds you, your dad pays and I keep her."


The last thing I remembered was Jase's fist coming towards my face as I blacked out.

Ale POV:

When we got home Blake and I decided to split. As I was about to walk out, Blake grabbed my hand and pulled to me to his body. I could feel my heart begin to race as I looked into his deep blue eyes. His hands cupped my face as he leaned in close to me pressing his lips up to my forehead, then to my cheek.

The he began to speak, "Please Ale be careful, you know I care about you I don't want to see you hurt, and keep that signal up, if you get snatched turn on the GPS so I can track you."

After hugging me once more he let go of me and in a slight daze I walked out to door. It was hard to tell whether or not he liked me but, at times like this it solidified my belief that he has some amount of feelings for me.


(*** means time passed)

Blake's POV:

While Ale was out in the field trying to get a lead, I regretfully was in the apt, with my back up agent Andre going over security feeds trying to find anything that would give us a lead to the whereabouts of Chanel.

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