Girl's day out

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Bara giggled as she watched her sister swing back and forth on the swingset. Her white tail tucked between her legs and small feet gently swaying and trying to stop her swinging. Bara just sat a top the metal slide opposite to the swingset. One of their carers were sat on a bench scrolling their phone, which Bara would usually take advantage of a carer not watching, but it was Ketsu, so she refused to. 
The seal girl's chocolate eyes wandered up the slide to see her older sister suddenly stand. Why? Ooh! Was she going to slide down?? 
Nope, instead, the red head snatched a feathered friend that flew too close down and suddenly her hands and face were bloodied and covered in torn feathers.

Usually Harper would be scared, but she was starting to become immune to her older sister's disgusting eating habits and murderous tenancies. "What's your favourite colour?" Harper was caught off guard by her sister's sudden voice. She looked to the floor again and tapped her lip in thought and of course, only one colour came to mind. "Blue, blue reminds me of Grandpa Merlin" the timid voice came out and Bara snickered. "Mine's red! Lots and lots of red!" She hopped down from the top of the slide. Luckily, she was getting older and tall enough for it to not be so high to jump from. "Red reminds me of roses! I pricked my finger on one before so I ate it!" The red head giggled and suddenly put one foot onto the swing beside her younger sister. However, instead of sitting and swinging with her. She put her other foot on and stood, holding onto the chains and Harper gasped. "Bunny thats dangerous! You'll fall!" Harper whimpered and stood. Her small fingers clasped onto the back of the red cardigan and trying to lightly tug her older sister so she'd get down. She was far more scared of her sister's well being than she should be.

Bara got the message and slowly climbed back down, she instead swooped her younger sister into her arms and took her to the climbing wall. 
Ketsu peeked their eyes up from their phone and hummed. "Be careful Bara, Harper is smaller than you remember, very fragile too" They warned the young girl and she giggled in response. "I'm always careful!" she said and slowly put Harper's small hands on the rocks attached to the black wall. "Here, put one hand here and then your foot there" Bara helpfully guided her sister. Harper followed the simple orders and held onto one of the coloured rocks attached to the wall, then putting her foot on another. Bara let go once Harper had a proper grip and clapped as she admired her sister holding on all by herself.

Harper gasped when she realized herself that she was holding on. Her tail starting to swish back and forth excitedly. "Ketsu! Ketsu! Look at Harper! She'd holding onto the wall all by herself!" Bara excitedly pointed to her white haired sister and Keshita looked over. Their lips curled into a small smile and put their phone into the camera app. They took a photo of the seal girl climbing for the first time and sent it to Merlin.

Bara held under Harper's arms and helped her down when she wanted to get down, but her enthusiasm wouldn't just go away so easy. She was so proud of her little sister!

Ketsu looked down to the message they sent to their father with the image:
'Little girls grow up too quick'.

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