Chapter 2: Everyone Believes That Ruan Qiuqiu Will Soon Return to the Afterlife

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Ruan Qiuqiu paused after finishing her request, thinking of the wolf in question that has been "seriously wounded and dying". She hesitatingly said, "In addition, I also want some herbs that can treat beastkin, no less than fifteen. "

The word "herbs" was just being said, and the noisy cave suddenly calmed down.

The eyes of a group of lion beasts fell on Ruan Qiuqiu. The lion patriarch rubbed the wooden stick with a lion head carving in his hand, staring at her for two seconds, and said with a low voice came. "Oh? Do you still want herbs that can treat beastkin?"

Listening to the confused and threatening tone of the lion elder patriarch, Ruan Qiuqiu clenched her fists and nodded vigorously, "Un."

She wants herbs to treat the wolf.

Although the dog-blood novel did not mention the reason for the Flaming Wolf tribe come to exchange three hundred pounds of salt stone for a bride for Mr. Wolf, it mentioned the miserable condition of the big wolf she was about to marry.

He is now a big bad wolf who has been "abandoned" without "any value".

Because he was "abandoned", he moved to the edge of the tribe and "healed" in a cave near the forest.

The book is very euphemistic, but Ruan Qiuqiu knew that this was letting the evil wolf wait for death.

Although she had never met the evil wolf, Ruan Qiuqiu felt that at least this time, she had the opportunity to leave the Wind Lion tribe because of him.

Seen in this way, she owes him a small favor. Even if it was just that, she wanted to give it a try. Moreover, she had promised to marry the big bad wolf, even if nothing happened between them, she would be tied to him.

Selfishly, she also thinks that in this world full of demons and all kinds of dangerous creatures, maybe it is good for the poorly-known evil wolf to live longer so she can be safer.

If he was really sick and wanted to eat her, she wouldn't give him those herbs. Worst case scenario, the medicinal herbs with healing effects can be exchanged for food with other beasts.

Therefore, she wanted herbs and was not prepared to give in.

Rou Yueluo was a little surprised to see Ruan Qiuqiu's unusual tough attitude. But she thought that she should show off more in the tribe, so she twisted her sleeves, stepped forward, stretched her hands, and pulled Ruan Qiuqiu's arm.

Ruan Qiuqiu turned his head and heard Rou Yueluo whispering, "Qiuqiu, why do you want a lot of animal skins and herbs?"

"It is winter now, the temperature is very low, and the weather is not clear. The hides in the tribe are all saved from autumn, so there is not a lot... The beastkins are okay, but if the older people and children of our race have no hides to cover them, it 's very bad."

"And just after the beast tide, many beasts in our tribe were injured and urgently needed treatment, the herbs were scarce..."

When she said that her eyes turned red, and she looked at Ruan Qiuqiu with tearful eyes. She seemed to want her to find out her conscience, "Qiuqiu, if there are not enough herbs, those lions might not be able to support this winter. Shouldn't you think more about the tribe..."

However, Ruan Qiuqiu listened to her and only found it ridiculous.

She bent her lips and smiled at Rou Yueluo, her voice was not loud but very clear, "Yueluo, I remember that just a few days ago, several young male beasts sent you a lot of good animal skins, it should be warm? You are so kind, why didn't you give the extra skin to those old people and children?"

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