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folks 👏🏻

here are my very few rules
1. have fun (wow good job karlie way to be creative)
2. don't go god mode on everyone
3. respect different religions/races/beliefs/sexualities/etc
4. swearing is kind of encouraged
5. take the smut to pms i don't wanna see no underage children writing that
6. i will allow more than one acc if requested
7. no major fighting. arguing is bound to happen but throwing hands isn't (unless it's @ me specifically)
8. if you reserve a spot and you don't make the acc in 2-3 days your spot will then be re opened. if re opened for you more than 2 times you will no longer be able to take that spot unless something serious has happened that you have to wait (pm me about that if it happens <3 )
9. if you wanna join password is a nickname you want me & other admins to call you !

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