the bridge

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trigger warning: suicide attempt, cutting, abuse, eating disorder ,bullying, homophobia, sexual assault, jsut really dark.

in no way do i think any of the characters are like this in real life.


andy: 19 rye:17

third person pov

there he was. right on the top of that bridge.

about to jump.

scared and crying.

he saw him. and ran.

right as the boy started to fall.

was he gonna be too late?


rye was a quiet teen. soft spoken and kind.

but that didn't mean they hated him any less.

see, the people at school, they were
complete utter dickheads.

homophobic dickheads.

somehow, some of the teachers and students thought that if they touched him-molested him-.he would learn to associate guys with it. thus making him less gay.

it didn't work.

no, instead it made him terrified. of everything. of himself.

his parents hate him.

no one cares about the bruises covering his body. his hips. thighs. the scars. the cuts on his wrists. the red eyes. the dark circles from not sleeping. skinnier then he should be because he throws up everything from the thought of it. at the thought of getting touched again.

see he has a secret too. a big secret.

he feels tiny sometimes. like a baby. when he feels tiny he wants soft things. cartoons. milk. stuffies and blankys. and he finds bbing. scared.

he felt tiny. and he couldn't handle the thought of having to live how he did any longer.

he was scared to jump. but he was scared to live.

and then his foot slipped. and he started falling.

he screamed. terrified of what was gonna happen.

until a hand shot out and grabbed him. yanking him up. making rye fall right on top of the person.

rye was sobbing. and oh god he felt tiny.

the person wrapped his arms around him.

"shhh, you're alright little one."

rye just sobbed.

"i-i s-s-sowwy,"

the person sat up with him in his arms, wiping the tears off his face. having quickly realized he was little.

"i know. i know it's scary love. i need you to tell
me what happened though."
he stated as he realized there were cuts on his wrists.

"t-they huwt m-me cause i-i bad. i-i sowwy i bad. n-no want them twouch me.. n-no mean like boys.."

andys heart broke.

"oh baby... none of that is your fault."

and from there andy knew he'd do everything he could to help the small boy.

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