Something New

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All my life I've been searching .Searching for what?
Love .

To be love ,to know what love feel like to find someone who completes my life .
I know I said I'm trying to forcus on my self but should I give love another try ?
So there's this boy ,he's a little older then me I must say .He told me he loves me yesterday .

Does he really ?

Or is this other game /lesson.

This boy seems nice a gentleman.
But I often wonder if the past is trying to repeat itself.
Should I give in ?

Should I give this boy a chance ?
Should give love another
chance ?

Should I try something new?

love ,what is it ?
Why is it so hard to find?

Am I looking in wrong places?
I'm just a confused 18 girl.

Authors notes
Thank you for reading
This chapter is a new type of writing ,more like questions .

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