False Love - Sasuke-kun Love Story!! (READ! It wont let you down!)

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Name: Yuki Kawaiine

Age: 13

Gender: Gurl

Crush: no one

Enemies: karin, ino and that cotton candy beatch sakura!

BFFLE (best frends so like ever DUH!) : hinata and naruto (because he hate sasuke lyk me.)

Family: they are all dead. orochimaru the bastard killed them all in front of me. i have a curse mark now and he sealed the 12 tailed best inside of me as an experiment.

looks: big boobs, big ass, long, silky black hair that never tangles and gorgeous ocean blue eyes with really long eyelashes.

personality: really weird and crazy, hates sasuke and is naruto's best friend. loved him even though everyone else hated him. everyone likes you because you are nice and you stuck up for yourself when the teacher was mean to u.

summry: yuki thought she hated sasuke, aka duck-butt, but she turns out to love him when she realises he isn't as mean as she thought. she loved him but when he left her for the man that killed her family, the man he promised not to leave her for, she hates him once more! with aya, yuki goes to the akatsuki to get revenge on the man she never loved. she was going to kill sasuke ochiha.

okay now i have told you about my character lets get on with the story!!!


'YUKI-CHAN!' naruto said, jumping on my back and nearly knocking me over. Luckily, because I have a black girl's ass even though im JAPANESE!!!, he just ended up sort of sitting on top of my but and scaring the crap out of me.

'Naruto, what thehell?' I asked, brushing him off of me and sighing. 'Your gonna break my back one of these days!!!'

'Sorry Yuki-Chan! I was just excited to see you!' he grinned at me looking up with a retarded smile on his face because everyone knows naruto is a bit retarded. Poor thing can't help it, he has a giant ass fox living inside of him after all.

Stretching my Asking Alexiandria t-shirt over my humungus boobs, I sighed and held up a fist. 'BAKA!' I growled, bashing naruto over the head well he did deserve it for trying to do surprise buttsecks with me, what a baka I ask you.

'Ow! Yuki! You didn't have to do that! Im your best friend!!!' Naruto replied, rubbing a large egg-shape bump on his head. 

Suddenly, out of nowere, sasuke appeared.

'Hn,' he said, looking me up and down like he normally did why he does this I don't even know but anyway, he is an idiot so don't worry about him.

'the hell do you want, Uchiha? Come to pick on naruto-kun again?' I growled, feling my beast roar from inside of me. Oh yeah, i should probably tell you about that. like naruto, everyone hates me because I have a tailed beast inside me. Mine is the 12-tails which is a kawaii neko i like to call her Aya wchich is the name Orochimaru gave her when he sealed her away insideof me. But nobody knows that orochimaru sealed it into me, thats the part that I have to keep a secret.

Anyway, on with the...ooh, sparkly kawaii rainbow unicorns!

Sorry im a bit random...ON WITH THE STORY, NYA!!! (Author note: Yuki-chan ur weird T-T but i love u anyway <3)

So I was standing there in my cute black pleated skirt and my asking alexandria tshirt and my rainbow knee-high stripy socks and my amazing sugoi red legit converse (yes, they do have converse in the nartuo world okay?) watching Sasuke and seeing if he wanted a fight but he just turned and walked away.

'Come back here you coward!' I growled, tossing my epic waist-length black hair over my shoulder and pointing at him as he walked off like the loser he is.