Black Water (Chapter 4)

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The rest of the day passed without incident, after fencing I went to my elemental class with Cameron while Jez went to her music lesson. Jarred sat near the front, thank God, I sit near the back and I spent the most of the lesson doodling in my notebook instead of taking notes about making flying animals out of water. Cameron spent the lesson continuously nudging me and asking whether I was coming to the party or not. I stuck my tongue out whenever he did and shook my head; he tried everything from puppy dog eyes to trying to bribe me with sweets he had brought from home. But I refused just for the sake of it.

Later that day however I found myself in my room applying eyeliner and putting on a sparkly top. Jez had moved all of her stuff in earlier that day and it was spread not only on her bed but on mine too so it was nearly impossible to find anywhere to stand or sit without treading on some item of her clothing. Jez came out of the bathroom carrying her hairbrush, she had swept all of her hair to one side and she had put on a short tight black dress. I took one look at her and tutted.

"You're going to get pulled up by the teachers for dress code violation," I said in a singsong voice. Jez just shrugged and laughed.

"Hopefully that teacher will be Mr Azerale," she said mischievously, I sighed at her and frowned. But the joking twinkle in her eye made me burst out laughing seconds later.

"Come on Jez, or we'll be late," I said opening the door and flicking the light off. A few seconds Jez appeared at my side carrying a clutch bag that had a shape inside it that looked suspiciously like a bottle. Luckily we passed no teachers on the way, most of them didn't even bother to patrol the student's dorms at night, and those that did often ended up covered in cold water, mud or something to that effect. Once a witch got annoyed at a teacher that walked in on something a little illicit that she turned them into a frog. Clichés obviously held no fear for that witch.

The halls were all dark, but we didn't need to use our eyes to find our way. The sound of music gradually became louder as we worked our way out of the inhabited section of the dorms. The party was in full swing when me and Jez arrived, people were milling about talking, holding cups of what I knew for a fact wouldn't contain water. Others were dancing in the crowded centre and a few danced on tables. Being the only school of its kind in the world Elton Cattrell had a huge student population, but not as large as it used to be, going by the amount of empty rooms in the school. I spotted Cameron standing next to a set of very large speakers he was with some people I recognised as the non-slutty cheerleaders and the jocks with half a brain cell as well as Elle, Darcy and Kayla who were friends of Jez and mine. It was at that time that Cameron looked up and saw us standing there; he waved us over a big stupid grin on his face.

"You just couldn't stay away could you Ali?" he laughed as he swung his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in for a bear hug, he stank of alcohol. I shrugged him off.

"Don't flatter yourself I'm just here for Jez's sake." I said grabbing a bottle off the top of the speaker and uncapping it. "That and the beer."

I took a large gulp from it before replacing it to the top of the speaker. Cameron had his eyebrows raised.

"Beer?" he asked "you could get that without even leaving your room.  Face it, you came to dance with me," I laughed at him, before realising he said the word dance. My face fell and before I had time to react he swept me up over his shoulder and carried me out into the middle of the floor. I protested and kicked my legs; my so-called friends didn't help me at all but stood and laughed. I made a mental note to hit them all later. Cameron placed me on the floor and grabbed my arms trying to make me move them. I resisted, but Cameron's crooked grin made me smile, which he mistook as excitement about dancing, and the amount of people crushed around us meant that I couldn't do anything but dance.

I don't know how long we danced for but when we stopped my brow and back were sticky and my breath heavy. A slower song was beginning and people had started to partner up for a more intimate dance, the smile on Cameron's face showed that he had no intention of stopping dancing. So before he had a chance to wrap an arm around my waist, I made my escape. I dodged through the people and made my way back towards my friends. Jez had gone of dancing with some freshman, who looked like Christmas had come early, it was amusing to watch him try to dance with someone a foot taller, but he was happy. Elle had also vanished from sight so that left me standing with Darcy and Kayla as well as Kayla's boyfriend who is called Jeremy and who was looking depressed – with good reason I might add, his parents didn't take well to him being bitten by a werewolf - he didn't like parties at all and I guessed that he was only here for Kayla's sake.

"Hey," A female voice came from behind me. I turned and saw Olive standing there a big smile on her face.

"Hey!" I gasped as I hugged her, Olive is one of the nicest people I have ever met, despite being a bit weird, she was a junior witch and in the year below me not that you would be able to tell, her Cherokee features and long auburn hair made her look more like nineteen then sixteen, and her height and curves were a bonus too dainty is not a word I would use to describe her. Today hair was tied back in a tight bun, which showed her high cheek bones off, when I released her she grinned at Darcy and Kayla and they waved back.

"I brought the new guy along hope you guys don't mind," She said motioning to a guy standing behind her. I had to try very hard to stop my smile from dropping at the sight of Jarred, I felt like the world was just trying very hard to parade him in front of me. He had his sarcastic smile on his face, and he had swapped his Metallica t-shirt to black shirt that had only half of the buttons done up leaving the top half of his chest on display, I could see Kayla and Darcy nudging each other in the corner of my eye and I knew that they would be grinning at his muscles.

"It's fine," I said managing to keep my voice moderately steady. Jez choose that time to reappear by my side. She took one look at Jarred and large smile appeared on her face.

"Well, well, well what do we have here?" she said, "A new boy, I'm Jezebel and yes in case you're wondering my personality matches my name." Most guys would have been drooling by this point but Jarred just stared at her blankly, he didn't show any interest in her. When Jez didn't get any sort of reply she walked off and found some other guy that was interested.

"Is she drunk?" He asked, once she was out of earshot causing us all to burst out laughing, he looked surprised at how funny we found it. Anyone who knew Jez would never have said something like that. Jez was sometimes known as the loveable slut. Not that we told her that.

"So Jarred where you from?" Darcy asked moving the conversation on.

"Essex, England," he replied, and now that he mentioned it I could detect a slight British accent, but it was masked by an American one, that he had obviously gained from living in America. "I live with my Uncle there, I got my powers just last month so it's been a big adjustment," he said. I had been taking a swing of drink when he said this and subsequently sprayed it out onto the floor. Darcy had to do a quick jump to avoid the liquid. I looked up and felt my cheeks going red. Spraying ones drink out at people is not considered acceptable in most civilised situations this being one of those situations.

"Sorry, I choked," I lied, wiping my mouth on the back of my hand. "So what where you saying about it being a big adjustment?" I asked through gritted teeth. Jarred still had a look of shock on his face, but he continued with the story.

"I'm water elemental, I found out when I fell into the river and nearly drowned," I rolled my eyes at this. "But now that I know about all this, vampires and things I think it was a good thing that I nearly drowned."

"Really, how fascinating," I snapped before taking another drink. Four eyes looked at me questioning my rudeness. I looked back at them before walking off. I didn't stay in the party, but choose to walk back to my room.

Only that was easier said than done, because everyone was either at the party or asleep there were even less lights on behind closed doors, and I couldn't use my ears to find my way. I silently cursed the school for being so large and windowless. My feet stumbled on the uneven wooden boards; I couldn't see anything further then the tips of my outstretched hands. The darkness was enclosing around me like a blanket, and although I have never been afraid of the dark, fear was beginning to creep into my system. Then suddenly a hand grabbed my shoulder.

In the darkness I screamed.

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