100% Perfect Ch.10

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100% Perfect Ch.10

Bailey's POV

Something wasn't right. I knew it as soon as I sat down in the back of the rental car with Gordon and Mom. It felt like someone was calling out to me, telepathically. 

"Bailey, honey, are you okay? You're face is all white." Mom said.

"I'm fine. Just cold I guess." I clenched my jaw. 'Your just being paranoid.' I said to myself. Gordon drove for miles on end until we stopped at a nearby gas station so Mom could pee and I could get some donuts and a few energy drinks for Gordon. It was already one in the morning, so the clerk at the register was half asleep.

"Just go." He said. My mom dropped a ten on the counter and we left.

I got back into the car and Gordon just started driving when I turned around to see the clerk wide awake. Come to think of it, something wasn't right about him either. I swallowed a bite of donut, even though I wasn't really hungry. It was sweet, but not your typical donut sweet, more like a tangy citrus sweet. This was a glazed donut. Not fruity. Glazed. Mom reached for the donuts. 

"No!" I shouted, and lept for the box of donuts. My seatbelt restrained me. Mom gave me a weird look.

"What's wrong with them?" She asked. 

"They don't taste right." I said. "They're tangy."

"Did you read the box Bailey?" She said, laughing a little. "They're not supposed to taste like normal glazed donuts." She held up the box. Surely enough, it read 'Fruity Glazed Donuts'. I swear that wasn't there before.

"Oh. I didn't see that." I muttered. Mom rolled her eyes and smiled. I rested my head against the window, watching the houses go by. It wasn't that different from Pennsylvania. Just...colder at the moment. We passed through a few towns with snow. Not all that surprising to me.

Eventually, at four in the morning, we reached the house. It was tucked in a small neighborhood, with was already in a small town. I got out of the car. Gordon opened the trunk and I took my suitcase, filled with the small amount of my clothes we kept at Gordon's house in the event something like this happened. Mom took hers, and Gordon took his. He then shut the trunk and locked the car. I stood on the steps and waited for him to unlock the old, dusty house. He fiddled with the keys, finally finding the one to unlock the front door. 

"How do you have this house again?" Mom asked.

"Inheritance." Gordon said quietly, and pushed the practically sealed door open. A gush of dust came out, causing him to cough. We walked inside.

The house was average sized, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. I carried my stuff up the stairs, finding one of the rooms. It had a small, twin sized bed in the corner, a wardrobe, and a closet. A tattered tug was on the floor. The walls had flowery, beige wallpaper covering them and the floor was solid wood. Dust chalked most of the things.  Then again, every room was probably dust covered, so I couldn't really complain.

"I want this one!" I shouted down the stairs. Gordon came up the stairs.

"Ahh, good choice. This was Tiffany's room." He said. I gave him a puzzled look.

"She was my older sister." He said, strained. Then he walked back down the stairs. Odd, he said was, not is. I went back down to read his mind. I know, I know, kind of invasion of mental privacy, but you've got to do what you've got to do.

"Before you read my mind Tiffany died when she was sixteen. She was living with brain cancer. I originally became a scientist to try and find a cure, but I found that I liked dealing with genetics more." Gordon said. A sudden wave of guilt washed over me. 

"I'm sorry." I said, quietly. Then I retreated back to my/Tiffany's room.

I awoke, floating above my bed. Before I could scream, a hand clamped over my mouth.

"Shh. My name is Poppy. I'm your twin sister. I refuse to kill you like the government has trained me to do. I refuse to kill you at all." A girl's voice whispered in my head. I clenched, still floating.

"Can you put me down?" I said telepathically.I dropped to the bed.

"You're telepathic too?" I mentally said to the girl who now sat in front of me. She had simple brown eyes and dark brown hair tied into a ponytail.

"One of the few things that scientists don't know I can do." She said without moving her lips. I felt a strange connection with this girl who claimed to be my sister.

"How do I know you're my sister?" I said.

"One, I wouldn't lie. Two, lift up your left pant leg." She said. I swallowed. On my ankle was the number 422. I lifted it up. She lifted the stretchy material of her spandex suit, revealing the number 423, pressed into her ankle. 

"Anyone could've done that." I said. She drew a picture out of her pocket. It showed me as a baby, I knew that for sure, and a brown eyed, brown haired girl. both were held by scientists, and in the background held a banner that said, "First Genetically Altered Twins Born! Welcome To The World 422 and 423!" I looked into Poppy's eyes.

"Believe me now?" She said.

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